Catching Feelings

Catching Feelings: Hi, I'm *yn* and I've been friends with Justin since we were 5. (He's not famous) Ive always had a little crush on him. Shhhh! But, I don't know if he feels the same. But the thing is, I have a boyfriend....


12. "I love you... So much!"

Justin and I finally reached the zoo. He grabbed my hand and we were off to look at the animals. We walked to the monkey exhibit, one of Justin's favorite animals.

 "Oh hey little guy!" Justin says, poking his fingers through the gate. 

"Check and see what his name is on the little plaque!" I suggested to Justin. 

"OG..." He mumbled under his breath. 

"Hey OG! How are you?" 

Justin said excitedly. I chuckled at his happiness of the monkey. He was like a little kid on Christmas morning! 

"What are you laughing at huh beautiful?" 

Justin asked poking my stomach. I covered my stomach to protect myself from being tickled again, and took a step back. 

"You, you weirdo!" I said back. 

Justin made a pouty face sticking his bottom lip out. He fluttered his eyes and took a step forward. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to his warm body. 

"Why are you laughing at me?" Justin asked sticking his bottom lip out.

"Because you're silly!" I said poking his chest. Gosh, he's so muscular! 

Justin chuckled at me and bright me into a sweet kiss full of love. Those beautiful plump lips just made my stomach erupt with butterflies, and different sensations. I could start to feel people staring at us as we kissed, so I pulled out making Justin furrow his eyebrows. 

"People were staring." I whispered.

"Oh sorry!" Justin replied. 

He took his hands off my hips and swung his arm over my shoulder. He looked at everyone awkwardly, did a smile and nod, and we walked away. 

We burst out laughing as we thought of the situation amusing. 

"I love you... So much!" Justin said as our laughter died down.

I smiled as the sound of Justin's voice soothed me. And those three words 'I love you.' Would get me every time. 

"I love you too Justin... So much." I sighed. In a good way though.


---------------- AFTER THE ZOO -----

We left the zoo and came back to Justin's house. It was getting dark so Justin suggested we watch movies and eat popcorn. 

We laid in Justin's big bed. I climbed next to Justin and laid my head on his chest. He pulled his large muscular arms around my waist, pulling me onto his lap. 

I loved moments like this when we just cuddled. It's one of my most favorite times to share with Justin, besides all the kisses we share! 

Justin pulled over the big bowl of popcorn and placed it on outlet laps. He placed a kiss on my hair, then grabbed a handful of popcorn, shoving it in his mouth. 

"Gosh Justin! You eat like a pig!!!" I exaggerated. 

Seriously, this boy could take the biggest bites ever!

"I sowwy I cwan't hewlp iwt." Justin murres with his mouth full of popcorn.

"What?" I laughed.

He finished chewing his handful of popcorn and answered me back.

"I said, 'I'm sorry I can't help it!'" He chuckled.

"Yes you can weirdo!" I nudged him, throwing a piece of popcorn at him. 

"Oh so you wanna play that huh? We can do that!" He said competitively, throwing a piece of popcorn at me this time.

Thank The Lord there was another big bowl of popcorn that I gabbed. I threw a handful at Justin. I got off the bed and ran through the house as Justin was chasing me, and throwing popcorn at me. 

"You won't catch me Bieber!" I screamed, running into the hall bathroom locking the door.

"I'll get you sometime my precious!" I heard Justin yell through the other side of the door.

I heard him walk away. I decided to wait a little longer to come out, because knowing Justin, I know he'd pull something on me.

As about 10 minutes passed, I decided to come out. I looked left and right before going back to the bedroom. I walked in to see a sleeping Justin. I chuckled. 

I went up next to him and kissed his neck sweetly. I saw a grin appear on his face, indicating he wasn't really asleep. He quickly got up and grabbed me, carrying me bridal style through the house. 

"JUSTIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I screamed, recognizing he was walking toward the back door.... Where the pool was. 

He opened the door and ran to the edge of the pool. He acted a couple times like he was gonna drop me. 

"JUSTIN YOU BETTER NOT THROW ME IN THE POOL OR ILL-" I was got off by being jumped into the pool with Justin. 

His arms let go of me as his feet reached the bottom of the pool. Sending me to still be floating in the water. 

I finally resurfaced, and looked at Justin to see him laughing his butt off. 

I frowned and Justin looked at me. 

"I'm sorry babe I just had to." He exclaimed, laughing between every other word. 

"It's not funny Justin! Now get me out this water is freezing!" I said aggravated. 

A sign of guilt filled Justin's face ad he recognized it really wasn't that funny nor fun for me. 

"I'm so sorry baby. I'll get you out." Justin said.

He got out and reached his hand out for me to grab. A smirk spread across my face and pulled him back in. 

"Awhhhh fine you got me (Y/N)!" 

He pulled me under the water and gave me an under water kiss. We came back up for air and finally got out of the freezing pool.


------------- AFTER POOL TIME------

After playing in the water and drying off, Justin and I decided to get to bed. I nuzzled my head into his neck as I got comfortable. 

"Goodnight baby girl I love you soooo much." I heard Justin say as he put his arms around my waist.

"I love you too Justin. Goodnight."

And with that we both fell asleep.

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