One Direction Imagines

This is all One Direction imagines. I'm not doing requests anymore due to the fact that I have a LOT to write at the moment and I wouldn't want this Movella to be too long. I repeat, NO MORE REQUESTS!! But thanks to the people helping me write this with their requests! :) Enjoy!


26. Niall: Study Buddies (for Louise Horan)

Niall: Study Buddies (for Louise Horan)
    Imagine: It's almost the end of the school year and finals are in a week. For chemistry class, the teacher had this crazy idea that the students needed "study buddies". She was pairing up people that were getting good grades with people that were getting bad grades.

    Your grades obviously are pretty crappy in chemistry, because you got paired up with the teacher's pet, Niall Horan. The whole class started laughing at you when the teacher announced that you were paired with "Nerdy Niall" in which the whole class knows you have a crush on him. 

    "Alright class, by finals I expect you to know this information in your sleep! So I encourage you and your partner to study as much as you can." You are happy to hear this because that means... more time with Niall! There's also a down side to this.

    Word got out that you had to be study buddies with Niall and at the moment, your reputation is ruined. Now that you're supposed to study with the weird (yet cute) kid, boom! Stalked for life.

    Whenever Niall sees you, now he comes up to you and says: "Hey Study Buddy!" and starts laughing. It's really annoying the hell out of you and you already want to trade partners with someone. You're walking to your locker at the end of the day and it dawns upon you  how it might not be that bad being Niall's partner.

    After all, being with the teacher's pet could score you a good grade.

    That night, at your house, you and Niall are "studying" and you notice how incredibly hot Niall looks. "A'right, let's get to it." He says. Suddenly, he throws the textbook aside and starts kissing you and running his fingers through your soft red hair.

    You're loving the kiss, but you want a good grade badly. You pull away from him. "Niall, we should be studying." You say. He leans in again. "We are studying darling." He replies. "This is chemistry isn't it?"


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