One Direction Imagines

This is all One Direction imagines. I'm not doing requests anymore due to the fact that I have a LOT to write at the moment and I wouldn't want this Movella to be too long. I repeat, NO MORE REQUESTS!! But thanks to the people helping me write this with their requests! :) Enjoy!


29. Harry: Prom? (for Noël)

         Harry: Prom? (for Noël)
    Imagine: It's your senior year of high school and Harry is in the same grade as you. You've had a crush on him ever since your freshmen year and you've been trying to get him to notice you. You are both friends, but you long to be more than friends.

    You're walking to lunch one day when you look in the library window and see Harry making out with the sluttiest girl in your grade. You are so angry and upset that you decide to drive home for lunch and not tell him. You get home and start sobbing into your pillow.

    When you get back to school, you are a total wreck. In the next class, you decide to see if Harry tries to lie to you about making out with that slut. "Harry, why weren't you at lunch today?" You ask.

    "Oh, I was studying in the library." He says unconvincingly. "With who?" "Ummm, a friend" Harry says nervously. "Which friend?" Harry turns away and starts nervously biting his finger nails. "Erm, Hailie." He mumbles.

    "You must've been studying for chemistry, since you two were sucking each other's face off." You say angrily. Harry looks at you with a sad expression. "You saw that?" He whispered with tears in his eyes. "Of course, who wouldn't have dumbass?"

    For the next few days, you avoid Harry as much as possible. It's almost time for prom and the boys are starting to ask the girls to go with them during lunch, so you go home for lunch every single day. You will not be going to prom this year in fear that Harry with be going with you-know-who.

    In English class one day, you were hard at work when the person next to you passes a note to you. It's neatly folded up and has Noël scribbled on it. You start to open the note when the teacher catches you.

    "Noël, please bring that note up to me." She says scaring the crap out of you. You blush and slowly give the note to the teacher. She opens it up and reads it. "Mr.Styles, would you like to share this with the class please?"

    Harry's face turns tomato red and he says: "No thanks, I'll pass." "Well, if you thought this note was so important to pass, why don't you come up here and read it out loud." The teacher says sternly.

    You're loving this. If only you had some popcorn with you. You're really enjoying the scene of Harry's hands shaking and as he slowly opens up the note to read it.
    Harry's voice is shaking as he reads the note he wrote. "Noël, I'm really sorry for the incident that happened a few days ago." He pauses and looks up at you and starts reading again. "I did this because, I was afraid you would never like me back. Yes, Noël. I like you and I think you're amazing."

    You start to sniffle quietly as tears start forming in your eyes. "I hope you are able to forgive me for this, and maybe we could even have a future with each other now that I'm forced to confess that I like you. Please forgive me. -Harry" 

    You bury your face in your hands as Harry looks at you sadly and sits back down. "Thank you Harry. Now please don't be passing notes anymore." The teacher says.

    At the end of the day, you are about to go in your locker to pick up your backpack when you see Harry leaning against your locker, looking gorgeous as always. He smiles at you. "Hey beautiful." He says. "I'm sorry about what has been going on between us recently. I hope we can at least be friends still and move on with our lives."

    You think for a moment about what he said in his note he was forced to read out loud. "Yes Noël. I like you and I think you're amazing." keeps flashing through your mind. You look at Harry who is still standing there waiting for you to say something.

    You walk up to him and give him a hug. He smiles and wraps his arms around your waist as you bury your face in his warm chest. "Harry?" "Yes, Noël?" Harry says still smiling. "I've had a crush on you for a long time as well, and I would really like us to just bury the hatchet and forget this ever happened."

    "Agreed." Harry says stepping away from your locker. You enter your combination and the door swings open, and thousands of ping pong balls roll out of your locker. You notice that every single one of them has "Prom?" scribbled across them in Harry's handwriting.

    You are giggling as you read the note Harry wrote for you on your mirror. "I finally had the BALLS to ask you this, so will you go to prom with me? -Harry" Harry is just standing off to the side smiling cheekily as you read his note.

    You look in Harry's beautiful green eyes as puts his huge hands on your hips. You give him a quick kiss on the lips. "I'd love to." You say to a stunned Harry when you pull away.



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