wolves of the night

Niall Horan and tyler posey not famous. sorry if you dont like it but its my first movella story (mainly tyler and niall but all of 1D is gonna be there...
Shadow Mcall is Tyler Posey, and Niall Horan's best friend. They all hang out together all the time. And sometimes with Niall's friends. Every thing is fine untill they Shadow and Niall find out Tyler's secret. (The stories probably better then this....) Tyler will make it there little secret too. (i know this sounds confusing but the story will kinda tell you what it means..) and theres a little romance c; c;
If you dont know who tyler posey is you should search him on google.....


4. Tyler has amnesia??

Tyler P.O.V

I picked Shadow up and walked into the house I put her in her bed and I sat in her bed. I felt someone looking at me. I smiled and looked at Shadow." hey" I said. "hi" she said. " do me a favor?" she asked me." sure" I said. she smiled "go with me to get snow cones" she said. "Yes, but your are coming with me and so is Niall" I said. " okay i'll be ready in a few minutes" she said getting up. " okay"  I said walking to the kitchen. I made some bacon eggs and toast. i made my own plate and ate. " i smelled food" Niall said. " yeah it's over there" i said pointing to the stove." whoa save some for shadow!" I said laughing. "fine, fine whatever" Niall said putting some up. Shadow walked out and grabbed a plate and sat down next to me. Since Niall was already finished. " You okay?" I asked Shadow a little worried. " yeah my leg hurts though" Shadow said pulling her shorts pants up. " i'll get a big banage" I said walking to the bathroom. I grabbed a bandage and walked back to the kitchen. I walk to Shadow and put the bandage on her leg and kissed her four-head. " There if it hurts in two days tell me okay?" I said." are you finished eating?" I asked Shadow. " yes" She said hoping out of her chair. She put her plate into the sink and Niall Shadow and I got in the car and drove to the snow cone stand. I got out of the car and opened Shadows door. I would open Niall's but it's just so far away... lol. " okay lets go get a snow cone." I said to Shadow and Niall. I was walking to the snow cone stand and then bam! A statue fell on my head. Suddenly I didn't remember anything. A girl with blonde hair and brown eyes walked up to me, " are you alright, Tyler?" she strange girl asked. " Yes, but who's Tyler? and who are you?" I asked her. She got a strange look in her eyes. "im Shayla and your Tyler! Im your girlfriend" She said. " oh well I dont remember anything" I said standing up. another girl with dirty blonde hair and green eyes walked up to me." Tyler what happened?" she asked. she was so beautiful! but I have a girlfriend. "this statue fell on my head" I said pointing at it. " Oh my gosh Tyler are you okay? she asked and hugged me. " who are you and why are you hugging me?" I asked denying the hug. " I'm your-"shayla cut me off " worst enemy" she said." No i'm not im your best friend!" She yelled at me. "i'm gonna believe my girlfriend." I said back to her. a blonde boy with an Irish accent walked up to me."every thing Shayla said is a lie Shadow and I are your best friend"he said. Shadow.. the name sounded familiar." Whatever guys, im going home with my girl friend, bye" I said to shadow and the blonde boy. I looked back and  Shadow was crying to the blonde guys arms. I got my phone out and started looking threw every thing and to see what I like and stuff. Im pretty cool. " hehe" I laughed at my self. I put my phone away and just waited to get to Shayla's house.

Shadow P.O.V

Tyler left, he left me, not protecting me no matter what. Like he promised. Niall and I arrived at the house, I ran to Tyler's room and just laid in his bed crying into his pillow. Niall walked In the room." hey Shadow I miss him too but we can't just cry about we have to do something about it!" Niall said sitting next to me. I sat up. "You're right we have to do something" I said wiping my tears away. "I got a text from that girl Shay, she said we should go to the old stone building tomorrow because there holding a party there and a movie." Niall said reading his text. "wait, why do you have shay's number?" I asked him."uhmm nothing its nothing" he said leaving the room. I shook my head and went to sleep.

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