wolves of the night

Niall Horan and tyler posey not famous. sorry if you dont like it but its my first movella story (mainly tyler and niall but all of 1D is gonna be there...
Shadow Mcall is Tyler Posey, and Niall Horan's best friend. They all hang out together all the time. And sometimes with Niall's friends. Every thing is fine untill they Shadow and Niall find out Tyler's secret. (The stories probably better then this....) Tyler will make it there little secret too. (i know this sounds confusing but the story will kinda tell you what it means..) and theres a little romance c; c;
If you dont know who tyler posey is you should search him on google.....


2. some girls?

Tylers P.O.V

I got so mad last night. They shouldn't have done that anyways. they deserved it anyways.. I thought to myself. "Hey Tyler, we should go now" Niall said. I got up and walked to the car, Shadow was already in the car. I felt bad because of what happened to her last night. Niall was sitting in the front seat this time, and Shadow was in the back seat. Shadow was so close to the door I swear she was going to fall out. I got in and drove to the summer house. the drive was silent all the way there. we finally pulled up at the summer house. Shadow was asleep and so was Niall. NIALL WAKE UP" I yelled. I woke both of them up. They got out and Niall grabbed his bags and walked inside Shadow just left hers there, so I got them as well as mine. I walked inside and put my suite cases in my room, and then brought hers to her room. " Hey Shadow you wanna go get some ice cream?" I asked. " sure I guess." She said walking to the bathroom. " i'm going to take a shower first okay? she said.  " okay" i said going to tell Niall. " we're going to get ice cream your going"  I told him. he looked at me funny and shrugged. Shadow just got out of the shower she was wearing a pair of white shorts with pink converse and a pink shirt with three wolves. " ready to go guys?" I asked. " sure" Shadow said. she was still upset. Niall was driving because he knows where all the ice cream stands are at. I sat in the back with Shadow. I put my arms around her hugging her to make her feel better.

Shadow P.O.V

As soon as Niall pulled out of the drive way Tyler hugged me trying to make me feel better. I started crying and hugged him back. " Its okay Shadow there not here there in a whole different state now" Tyler said comforting me. "But w-what if th-they start looking for me?" I managed to say. "If they do Niall and I will protect you from them, I swear I wont let anyone lay a finger on you" Tyler said looking me dead in the eye. I slowly stopped crying, I hugged Tyler once again. we pulled up at a snow cone stand " hey we  where suppose to get ice cream not snow cones" i told Niall. " I know I just like snow cones better" Niall said with a smile. We got out of the car and got a snow cone. we walked over to a picnic table and ate our snow cones. " That was good, give me your trash i'll throw it away." I said standing up." thank you, i'll watch you" Tyler said. " and so will Niall" Tyler looked at Niall. " yep " Niall smiled. I walked over to the trash can  and threw the trash away.  I walked back three girls stepped in front of me. " Are those your friends over there?" the blonde girl asked. " Whats it to you?" I asked. " we want to know" the brunette said stepping a little closer. " Nope they aren't my friends" I said with a straight face. " Oh okay, bye" the blonde one said.The third girl didnt talk so often. I walked over to Niall and Tyler. " who were those girls?" Niall asked. " I don't know, they asked me if you two were my friend." I shrugged. " Oh did you catch there names ?" Tyler asked "No but i can ask them" i told him. " Ok" Niall said. I walked over to the three girls I was talking to earlier, I tapped the blonde girl on the shoulder, she turned around. she was smiling, but when she saw me she started frowning." Whats your name?" I asked. " who's asking?" she said giving me dirty look. "The two boys over there." I said pointing at Niall and Tyler. "Oh" she smiled " I'm Shayla and the brunette is kayla and the red head is shay." she said staring at the boys. " okay the blonde one is Niall and the other one is Tyler" I said. " Oh Tyler looks nice I'll take him." she said with a wink " okay i'll have Niall" Kayla said Shay was still quit. " No you can't have either one of them" I said as they walked pass me. "Why, there not yours." Shayla said. " No there my best friends, and you can't have them because I don't like you two" i said looking at the ground. " That doesn't mean any thing" Kayla said. " not to you" I said walking back to the boys. The two girls just stud there staring at me. " I don't like them" I said. " Only Niall likes them, but I don't either" Tyler said." come on Niall lets find you a girlfriend okay?" I said holding my hand out to Niall. " Okay" Niall said grabbing my hand. " you gonna come with us Tyler?" I asked. "Yeah , but I don't  want to find a girl friend" Tyler said standing up. I walked over to a pretty girl. Her hair was long blonde and she had blue eyes. "Hi, my friend would like to talk to you!" I said ditching Niall with her. I grabbed Tyler's hand and ran to the beach. "Nice job at match making" Tyler laughed. " Hey be right back gotta go to the bathroom" I said standing up. " okay i'll be here" Tyler said watching me leave. I went to the bathroom, but Shayla and Kayla were in the bathroom. I rolled my eyes and walked out. " where you going?" Shayla asked. "Some where you're not" I said smiling. "slut" Shayla coughed. " what did you call me?" I asked walking back in the bathroom. " A slut duh." Shayla said checking her makeup in the mirror. " Watcha gonna do about it ?" Kayla said. " This" I said walking up to Shayla. I punched her straight in the face. She fell to the ground. She looked up at me. i walked out of the bathroom and ran to Tyler. I was smiling from ear to ear. " what happened ?" Tyler asked. " oh uhm I got Niall a date." I lied. "okay lets go get him and we'll leave here" Tyler said. " i'll get him and you get the car" I told him. I got Niall and we got to the car. Tyler was sitting in the car. I hopped in and we left for the house.we pulled up to the house and I ran inside and hopped in the shower. I don't know where the boys went but the only thing that matters is I know where I am, and that's in the shower. I got out and put on a grey shirt that was a long  sleeve , i put on some shorts, then walked to the kitchen. There where some pizza rolls on the stove. I looked around to see if anybody was in the kitchen, nobody was in here, so i ate so pizza rolls until i was satisfied. I walked to my room and fell asleep. " Shadow? hey were going to walmart for clothes wanna go?"Tyler asked. " No thanks but i'll call you when i want you two to come home" I said in a sleepy voice. " Okay we'll be back later bye" Tyler said walking out of my room. I fell asleep again. I woke up to a loud bang in the living room.I put my phone sideways in my bra like I always do. It must be Niall and Tyler, I thought to myself. I got up and walked into the living room. hey guys keep it do-" I stopped talking. there where three people in my living room. I ran down the hall way and one of them chased me. they grabbed me by my hair and picked me up. The person put my hands behind my back and handcuffed me. They threw me over there shoulder. They put me in a white van, and left the house.

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