wolves of the night

Niall Horan and tyler posey not famous. sorry if you dont like it but its my first movella story (mainly tyler and niall but all of 1D is gonna be there...
Shadow Mcall is Tyler Posey, and Niall Horan's best friend. They all hang out together all the time. And sometimes with Niall's friends. Every thing is fine untill they Shadow and Niall find out Tyler's secret. (The stories probably better then this....) Tyler will make it there little secret too. (i know this sounds confusing but the story will kinda tell you what it means..) and theres a little romance c; c;
If you dont know who tyler posey is you should search him on google.....


3. A wolf

Niall P.O.V

"WE'RE HOME!"  I yelled as i walked inside. "Shadow! where are you?" I said looking in her room. " Shadow's not here" I told Tyler. " what?" Tyler said reading a note. " let me see Tyler" I said walking toward him. He handed me the note it said:

I have your "friend" because of what happened to three of my men.

we will keep her until we are satisfied with her. You wont see her for a long time


                                                                                 -code name Zaniel stone and the gang-

" What is this guy talking about?" i asked. "Grab the car keys " He told me as he walked to the car. I got the car keys and got in the car. "They didnt tell us where she was how are you gonna fine her?" I asked. " Just trust me"

Shadow P.O.V

I woke up in an empty room. I tried to move. but I was chained to a wall on the bed. The only thing I could do is sit up and lay down. I sat up against the wall I crossed my legs and wrapped my arms around my legs. Just then the door opened. "Well, whats your name little girl" a man around 22 said. I didn't answer. He closed the door and walked over to me on the bed. He sat down next to me. I moved closer in the corner. He looked at me in a strange way. He move closer to me and suddenly he kissed me.I pulled away from him and looked at the wall. " what's wrong?" He asked. I didn't answer him. He slapped me across the face really hard. my head hit the wall, and I felt a liquid fall threw my hair onto my four-head. " You deserved it" he said walking out of the door. " Jerk"  said. He stopped and looked at me. " what did you say?" he asked walking toward me. once again I didn't answer him. He pulled out a knife and stabbed me in my thigh. I started silently crying. " weep all you want baby" He said walking away. he left the knife in my leg. "Shadow" I said. " huh?" he asked " shadow, my name is shadow." I said trying to get on his good side so he wouldn't harm me anymore. He closed the door and locked it and walked toward me. Once again he sat by me. I pulled the knife out of my leg and hide it under a pillow. " where's the bathroom?" I asked. " I have to take you down the hall there is no bathroom in here." he said. "okay, will you please take me?" I asked. "Sure " he said walking toward the door. just then I remembered i had my phone. "uhmm I cant unchain myself." I said holding my arms up. " oh, right" he unchained me and walked to the bathroom. I walked inside and closed the door and locked it. Iooked for an opened window. there was a window, I tried to open it but it wouldnt budge. I got my phone and started texting.

TO Tyler:

HELP ME!! stuck in a buliding!!

From Tyler:

I know im on my way! 

To: Tyler: 

be quick i dont like it here!!

I quickly used the rest room and washed my  hands. I unlocked the door and came out. There was a different guy standing there. "are you the girl im waiting for?" he asked me. A light bulb went off in my head. " No its the other girl." I said as I walked down the hall way. Isaw the guy that was with me earlier so I started walking the other way. I saw ane EXIT sign and started running for it. " Get her!" I heard someone yell from behind me. I started to run faster. someone jumped in front of me. I was trapped. So i stopped running and just collapsed  on the ground. The guy that was in my room with me picked me up and swung me over his shoulder and walked back to the room. He threw me on the bed, but he handcuffed my hands to the bed and chained my feet to the bed. I couldn't move at all. He jumped on top on me and stabbed my thigh again. He ripped my clothes off of me and took his off too. " please don't do this, please, please ,please! " I said breaking off in tears. " It's already done." He said "Im a virgin please" I begged. I wasn't a virgin anymore, I thought to myself. He got off of me and laid down next to me. please hurry Tyler. all of a sudden the door slammed open. I was shocked there was a-a wolf and Niall. The man stud up quickly. The olf pounced toward the man while Niall untied me. " It's okay Shadow"Niall said getting my clothes for me. I put my clothes on slowly, I tried to walk but it hurt to bad. " I can't walk Niall" I told him as i cried again. " Don't worry I'll stay here with you until Tyler gets back" He said sitting on the floor next to me. " wait that was Tyler?" I asked. " Yes, he's a wolf" Niall said being serious. I was silent until Tyler got back. I heard footsteps coming from down the hall. A guy walked into the room. it wasn't Tyler. I stud up, it hurt but i worked threw the pain. I got on the bed and looked at Niall. I winked at him and secretly gave him the knife.The man ran toward the bed to get me away from Niall. Niall was standing up. The man pushed Niall, but the man fell on the ground surrounded in blood. " Niall, you did it!" I yelled. I hugged him and smiled. I heard more foot steps. Tyler walked into the room. " I finished them off we can go now" Tyler said." she can't walk Tyler" Niall said. Tyler walked over to me and picked me up. He kissed me four-head, " and I will kill them if they hurt you"  he said. Niall walked to the exit and opened the door for Tyler and me. Tyler put me in the back seat and Niall and Tyler rode in the front. Niall was driving. I was so tired. " Tyler?" I said. "Yes Shadow?" He asked. "will you come back here with me?" I asked. " yes, yes I will." he said climbing  in the back seat.I put my head in his lap. " Guys please dont ever leave me" I said. " We won't " Niall promised. I smiled and  slowly fell asleep.        



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