wolves of the night

Niall Horan and tyler posey not famous. sorry if you dont like it but its my first movella story (mainly tyler and niall but all of 1D is gonna be there...
Shadow Mcall is Tyler Posey, and Niall Horan's best friend. They all hang out together all the time. And sometimes with Niall's friends. Every thing is fine untill they Shadow and Niall find out Tyler's secret. (The stories probably better then this....) Tyler will make it there little secret too. (i know this sounds confusing but the story will kinda tell you what it means..) and theres a little romance c; c;
If you dont know who tyler posey is you should search him on google.....


1. A great saving

Shadow P.O.V

Tomorrow is the first day of summer witch means I live with Niall and Tyler! You see every summer Niall, Tyler, and I split the money for a summer house we bought together, and we stay there all summer, and sometimes we invite our friends over for parties. "Okay, Shadow have fun with those boys, but not too much fun okay?" my mom said handing me my bags. "Mom you know I would never do that until like a long time from now." I said putting my bags in the back of the car. " I know Shadow I was just playing " She said. "Okay mom, where's dad?" I asked "He left for work this morning" Mom said walking inside. " okay if he calls tell him i love him " i told as she shut the door. She looked out the window and smiling and put her thumb up. I waved good hopped in my car plugged my phone into the charger and drove off. I looked down, my gas tank was empty. i pulled up to a gas station and paid for the gas.My phone started to ring, i read the contact name, it was Tyler. I answered it. " Hello?" i said. "Hey, have you left yet?" Tyler asked. " Yeah, I just left." i said. " Can you pick Niall and me up? My car broke down and Niall doesn't have his car yet?" Tyler said. " Yeah I guess" I said with a sigh. " Yess, okay" He said. " Be there in a few minutes okay?" I said. " k " he said as he hung up.  I pulled the gas pump out and hopped in the car and drove to Tyler's house. I pulled up in the drive way, Niall and Tyler where standing beside Tyler's car with their bags. They walked to the car, Tyler got in the front, and Niall got in the back seat." Tyler can you drive please" I said with a puppy dog face. " sure why not" he said falling for my trick. I hopped out of the car and ran to the other side before Tyler could even open the door. " You really dont want to drive do you?" Tyler asked with a laugh. He got out and got in the drivers side. I got in the passengers side and put my seat belt on. We where half way there. I looked in the back seat and stared at Niall with a smile. "What?" He asked smiling. " Nothing.." I said still staring at him." Then why are you staring at me?" He asked laughing. " Im not staring at you, what are you talking about?" I said. he laughed at me. " you need help my friend" he said in a joking manner. "whatever" i said turning around giggling. "So shadow why didnt you want to drive?" Niall asked. " Because it takes forever to drive there!" i said. " oh okay " Niall said yawning. " what time is it?" Tyler asked. " eleven 'o' clock" I said. " Can we stop at a motel or something?" Niall asked. " why cant you sleep in the car?" i asked Niall I would but i like beds better" Niall yawned again. " im tired too "  Tyler said " would you drive Shadow?"  " yawn im so tired, fake snore" Isaid closing my eyes and lying in my seat. " fine, were just gonna go to motel 6 its the closes to us." Tyler said sighing. We pulled up at the motel and got out. "we can just leave out stuff in the car we wont need it." Niall said. "okay I got our card for our room, the number is 207" Tyler said walking up the stairs.  Niall and I followed him to our room. He opened the door and Niall took one bed. Tyler and I got the other one. " This bed is all mine.." Niall said. We let Niall get his own bed because he has to share one with his little sister Jaycee. I took off my pant ( cause who sleeps in jeans?). I got in the bed and covered myself up in the blanket. Niall was already asleep. Tyler sat on the bed flipping through the channels on the tv." Hey it's a full moon tonight. I said to Tyler. He looked at me funny and said" it's a full moon?" " Yeah, im hungry Tyler" I said. " Uhm ill get you some food" he said walking out of the room. " i'll go with you" i said putting my jeans back on. " no stay here " he said. I ignored him and waited to here his foot steps going down the stairs. I didnt want to bother Niall so I left him there.I walked out of the room and closed the door. I saw the vending machine, but Tyler wasn't there. maybe he went to the bathroom first. i walked to the vending machine and got my skittles andI see three guys walking toward me. i walked back to the room trying to pass the three guys, but one guy pushed me down on the ground. " where do you think you're going" he said. I got up    "back to my room" i said walking in the other direction. I saw one of them run toward me so i stared running. The guy tackled me to the ground, he turned me around and held my arms to the ground. I turn over so, i was on top of him. I got off of him and tried to run, but he grabbed my ankle.I fell and he got back on top of me. I stared to cry. " quit crying." he said to me I silently cried. He started to unzip my jacket, and then unbuttoning my shirt, so now my bra was showing. I got one arm loose and punched him in the face and he fell of of me. The other guys ran toward me, so i jumped up and started running. I tripped and fell I put my face down in my arms and started to cry again. I looked up and saw shoes in front of me. It was Tyler! He put his hand out to help me up. I stud up and got behind him. all the guys were lying on the ground. "Tyler how did yo-" he cut me off " lets get back to the room" he said buttoning my shirt up and zipping my jacket up. He grabbed my hand and we walked to the room. He knocked of the dor because neither one of us had our keys Niall opened the door, then ran back to his bed and fell asleep. " Thank you Tyler" i said taking my pants off and getting in the bed. He smiled and got in the bed next to me. I fell asleep after that.

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