I Adopted a 17 year old Girl (still famous)

My name is Winter Tommlinson.
Yes as in Louis is my dad... Well not real dad i was adopted.




Yesterday was a blur i only remember leaving for the club.

I wasnt naked in this bed but i was wearing a shirt that was too big.

I rolled over and hit a body. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!
"Who are you" i whispered. I moved the blanket from the persons face and saw Harry.

Did me and Harry have sex.

"Hey winter why are you wearing my shirt?" Harry asked.

"I dont know but did we have well you know?" i asked.

"No i would remember something that fun." Harry flirted.

"Okay Harry tell me what happened last night." I said.

"Well you were drinking a lot And i asked to dance with you then you started making out with me i took you home and gave you a big shirt and told you to go to sleep. you said that youll only go to sleep if i go to sleep next to you." He said.

I blushed.

I belive him.

"Harry the only reason i was all into you is because i umm l-like you more then a friend" I said.

He blushed.

"come here." i scooted closer to him.

He leaned in and kissed my cheek.

I blushed.

"Harry youve always been my crush ever since One Direction was formed i fell in love." I said.

"Really. Umm Winter wanna g-go o-o-on a date with me" He asked.

I bit my lip and he blushed.

"of course but go make sure the other guys are sleeping so i can go to my room" i sighed.

"Okay babe" he got up and left the room to go check.

"yeah there sleeping run." i got up and ran to my room and got dressed.

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