You, My Everything

Emily's life changed before she even met Harry, more or likely he didn't change until he showed her what real love is. Being a girl who never had a boyfriend or even ever thought of having one. She found Harry. Emily realizes that her enemy is herself and no one else, the war in her mind is made up by her and Harry tries every day to even keep her sane and to keep her...her. When Harry has the struggle of being in a boyband and being forced to be seen with different people it's hard for Emily to be trusted with Harry. They realize that they will face the odds no matter how hard it may be in this world today.


2. Chapter 1

You, my everything 
 "You know that everything I do goes back to you and the boys." I say to Liam as we pick up the room from the party last night. 
 "Are you sure about that? Everything goes back to us? That's too much" he says picking up a plate and not even discarding just throwing it down with a disgusted face. 
 "What do you see in Harry?" 
I have no words to say, he looks at me like I'm crazy, saying that I have only one thing on my mind. I don't, think that I'm normally am this sentimental, but Harry means a lot to me and I can't hide it from the other boys. 
 "He's in there with another girl, you're probably not even on his mind right night." 
 "I don't care." 
  "You will care when you're all alone, even I know this hurts you." Liam says getting finished with cleaning up. 
 "I'm worthless, but if I have to take a bullet for one of you I will. You can't stop that." 
 "That's Paul's job." He quickly snarls. 
 "Why are you so concerned Liam? If I checked last time you have a girlfriend. So you shouldn't even be speaking with me." 
 I don't like Liam's girlfriend, for the fact that she told me I could be the maid that cleans up after them and then Liam got all defensive and now I'm not even supposed to be speaking with him, let alone being in the same room together because she thinks I'm his mistress but I'm nowhere near that. 
 "She'll get over it, she's not here." Liam shrugs. 
 "I should go" I say pulling on my coat. He grabs my sleeve and looks me in the eye, quite beautiful really. I wish I had those faithful eyes but mine are just a dark reminder that it it what it is. 
 "I'm begging on you" 
 "I know" I nod and he let's go. 
As I make my way out, I take the back door to avoid some things. 
 Walking home in the dark is alright, it's cold and bitter and the ice on the sidewalks isn't very welcoming to my clumsy Indiana self. 
  When I get to my flat, I turn on my messages for my journalism job that hasn't taken off yet, nor my music career.  I sit on my chair at the desk where my silver computer sits. I click to open the screen and it lights up the entire room. I have an email from Harry, he sent me the email of names for high class magazine journalists that could help me get my job. I originally went to school over here in England for journalism and I dropped out to help the boys co write songs on the road. I never did finish but at least the boys believe that I could get this magazine job. 
  I get caught up in on checking my emails and messages that I get do into it that I jump when my phone rings. 
 "Jesus you scared me" I sigh feeling my heart beat slow down from it beating fast. 
 "Sorry, but could you come over? I need help picking out Christmas gifts." Harry speaks 
 "At three in the morning?" 
 "Christmas is next week, Emily" he laughs. 
 "God, okay, I'll be over." 
 "Thank you, love you" he hangs up. 
 " too." I sigh and stand up putting my phone into my pocket of my coat and sliding it on. 
 Harry's been my best friend, we hit it off quite well, I just fell in love with him I guess; I didn't mean too. I just fell, and he knows it, he loves me too but we aren't supposed to date for the sake of Modest! Management. The shits ruined relationships and people being happy. 
  I get to Harry's house and walk in 
 "Harry?" I ask putting my coat on the coatrack. 
 "Hi" he shortly says unlike him 
 "What's wrong?" 
 "Nothing, I'm just paranoid?" 
 "Of what?" I laugh. 
  "Nothing, Em I'm just happy you're here." 
 "Always" we share a warm hug and it lasts longer than usual. He and I go into his kitchen and I look out the kitchen window, he's got the perfect view of the skyline in London. 
 "We can't go out." Harry tells me. 
 "I know." I sternly say turning around. 
 "Maybe if we just did it, they would listen." 
 "What's that supposed to mean?" 
 "We can't be seen with each other." 
 "I knew that, and to be honest I hate  those bimbos. They give you nothing but sex yeah?" 
 "I don't even have sex with them." 
 "Harry, why did you really bring me over?" 
 "I needed you.' 
 "That's the first" 
 "It's not the last either." 
 My heart is pounding excitingly fast, not to mention I'm shaking and not from the cold. My own intentions were to at least tell him I love him. 
 "You love me; I know that. But we can't keep this going on be rude they will find out?" 
 "Who? Management?" 
 "If we let them figure it out for themselves were done, not you and me but the band." 
 "Why do they hate me?" 
 "They don't, it's just you aren't famous." 
 "I don't want to be, Harry" 
 "That's what they're trying to do. In a way they're protecting you." 
 "But if I were famous they'd just pour in more money. I don't get it" I say confused of what is coming next. 
 "I can't lose you and the band." 
 "Don't worry." I say and look out the window. 
 "Come on, let's go watch a film." Harry takes my arm gently away from my long gaze at the window.  
  "But the snow" I laugh as he pulls me away from the window and bringing me to the film room. 
 After the time spent with him, Harry and I parted ways. As he opened the door for me, he gives me a hug but I look at him with true madness. Am I dreaming this or is this real life? The warmth filled my body but only for a little while for when I had to leave. 
 We say nothing as I leave, the sun has just began to come up on this cold day, I just make it home by myself on foot. 
  Once I get home I immediately fall on my bed tumbling into the door. It still smells like peppermint from when Eleanor dumped fresh, homemade peppermint candy on my bed. In this sense I do that a good relationship with her, she's a person to keep around. I don't have much friends here only the boys and who they associate with like the crew when on tour. I fall into a deep sleep and I hope to dream of something pleasant and what a dream should be like. 
   I wake up to my phone ringing, I try to ignore it at first but I accidentally knock it off my bed and it fall on the floor. 
 "Dammit" I groan and sit up to get my phone. I pick it up and answer it. 
 "Hello, is this Miss Emily Davis?" 
 "Yes, This is her." I say yawning and rubbing my eyes open. 
 "Yes, hello this is Tom from Modest Management, we have been notified about your contact with one of our clients, would you mind coming to out headquarters today?" 
 "Yes, what time?" 
 "We will schedule you for noon." He speaks. 
 "Okay. Thank you." I hang up my phone and sigh. Thinking of why I'm being called in, I don't want to lose my friendship with these boys or the people around me. I probably won't be seeing Harry a lot anymore, no more parties, late night calls, or anything in between that and it makes my blood boil. 
  I make it to the office building where I'm meeting Tom, walking in dressed business casual I hope for the best. As I make it to the elevator I find a space in the corner that makes me secluded from anyone else who dared to look at me.  As the elevator stops on the floor I was addressed to I go to the lady at the front desk with it being dark wood with the silver words "Modest!" 
 "Hi, I'm here for an appointment with Tom?" I ask the lady with red hair that looks perfect in her bun. 
 "Are you Emily Davis?" 
 "Yes, M'am" 
 "Mr. Reynolds would see you now. The second door on the right. It's a clear room you won't miss it." 
 "Thank you" 
I make my way to the glass room with a long table with what looks like to be Tom sitting at the very end of it. Two men guard the door and I don't see there faces until I go into the room over looking the entire city of London. 
 "Miss Davis, glad to see you have arrived." He stands up to shake my hand generously. 
 "No, I don't drink coffee." 
 "Tea?" He asks 
 "Come on, this is England! If you don't drink tea you might as well stamp Atheist onto your forehead." He smiles sitting back down in his seat on the far left of the room. Did he just tell me that I didn't believe in God because I don't drink tea? I believe in God, I was brought up a Christian. 
 "Please, sit. We have a lot to discuss"
 "May I ask why I'm here again?" 
 "Miss Davis, are you aware that our client Mr. Harry Styles has a girlfriend." 
 "We are here to discuss this" 
He presses a remote that shoes all the moments that Harry and I have had that show that one of us is rather in love with the other. 
 "He's my best friend." 
 "We know that, but they don't" 
 "Who's they?" I ask confused. 
 "Why the people, the human race who is infatuated with these five young men and their social life's" 
 "What's the point? I don't understand." 
 "Mr. Crewe and Mr. Richards are undercover cops, they need to ask you some questions." 
 "What? Why?" 
 "We have gotten a report from his manager that he has filed a restraining order against you. Meaning that you and Mr. Styles will not have any contact with each other or you will be sent to the local prison for assault of a human being." 
 "I did nothing wrong! He's my best friend!" 
 "Miss Davis, please understand that–"
 "No! Why isn't a judge notified about this?" 
 "We have witnesses here, when your the CEO of a large management you don't need a judge. " he points to the officers sitting by my side. 
 "My work here is done, Mr. Crewe and Mr. Richards will escort you out after they're don't with there questions. Oh and Emily, nice meeting you." He smirks as the door shuts and he's gone from my sight.
 The men get their pen and paper ready  and one with a tape recorder and a list full of required questions on them. 
 "How long have you known Mr. Styles?" He asks 
 "About two years or so" I answer 
 "Have you and him ever had sexual relation?" 
 "Once" a tear rolls down my cheek now, my heart crumbles into a million pieces like a vase being shattered on the floor and the flowers are dead. 
"What is your full name?" 
 "Emily Rose" 
 "Date of Birth?" 
 "November 30th, 1995" 
 "Hometown and birthplace?" 
 "Indianapolis, Indiana" 
 "Charles University" 
I cry more with my head facing down and I let the freshly applied mascara run down my cheeks. One of the officers hand me a tissue. 
 "Listen sweetheart, we don't want to be here as much as you do and if you just let us ask you the questions it'll be over." Mr. Crewe says trying to soothe me. 
 "Have you and Mr. Styles ever fought physically?" 
 "He wouldn't hurt a soul" I cry 
 "So no?" 
I nod. 
 "Sign here" he points to the line 
I sign and date the paper and they out it into a briefcase. 
 "This way" they stand and escort me out of the room and through the office while everyone watches. 
 We go down the elevator and to the black cars that sit outside the building. They open my door and I go in, 
 "700 West Parker" 
The driver drives off and I try not to cry in the back but I can't help it. 


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