The Inbetween

So, You all know about Julie Kagawa's Series the Iron Fey? Well, i wanted to something with it. Maybe same settings, same characters, but different story. Not Megan Chase. I just want to try something out with this. And maybe it's starts with girl named Alice.


1. Moving


      "Honey, Please wake up. It's time for us to get moving." A hoarse voice came through my ears. I fluttered my eyes open. In me and my sisters room it was dark. Probably 5 a.m or 4 a.m. I slid through the bed trying not to wake Alejandra , my older sister. I walked behind my dad putting in the last box in the moving truck. This is it. I am moving by Maidu park with my dad. I walked back inside to say good bye to my mom. The house looked like it had several pieces missing and those things were me and my dad's stuff. I was walking down the Hallway to my mom's room when the door opened. She was in a pink robe, her hair was like Medusa's only red colored and her eyes were in slits. She had just woke up. I ran up to her and hugged her. 

     "Mom? We are going to visit allot right? And you will visit us?" I hugged her warm body tightly. My mom nodded. "Why did this have to happen?" Tears slid across my cheeks. 

"It's life Babe. Me and your dad don't love each other anymore." She stopped hugging me and grabbed my shoulders. "Now when you get there don't cry anymore, be strong okay?" I nodded " Now go say bye to your two sisters." Mom wiped my last tear that fell. I walked to the door across from what my mom and dad's room used to be in. Now its just my mom's room. I walked to Marcia's blue dark room. Marcia is my oldest sister. I shook her once and she cracked her eyes open. I smiled to myself as she sat up and hugged me. Marse whispered she loved me and got up as I let her go, to Alejandra. I walked in our bedroom and she was already awake. Handa ran up and hugged me. This all feels like a movie. I let her go and look to the door frame where my dad is standing. He nodded signing that it is time. Without words we went in his white truck and drove away from my white house. My mom said not to cry so I won't. It won't be hard. I remembered my sisters faces. Marcia was 19, tall not skinny but not fat. She had long brown hair that was really frizzy and she also had brown eyes. Alejandra  was the same but way shorter and she had dyed her hair black. I of course had the same hair but mine was curly, like you had curled your hair curly and I was skinny. I have green eyes and my name isn't Hispanic. My name is Alice. My mom is white and my dad is Mexican. I looked out the window of the truck. I noticed it became quite brighter but the sky was cloudy and dark. It's going to rain soon. My dad would take a look at me now and then to check if I am crying or not, but i wasn't. 

"So are you excited?" He asked me. I shrugged. What kind of question is that? Am I excited that you and mom divorced and I am only going to see her on the Holidays? I am ecstatic! I smiled to myself, i thought my jokes where funny. I looked outside to see our house was at the edge of a big huge forest. Nice, good place where I can hide and be alone. I smiled at it.

"You know it is dangerous in the Maidu forest. You know how it looks really scary." He made a ghost  sound. A chuckle slid through my lips. My dad loved it when he made me laugh. He parked in the driveway and we both slid out of the car to see what was inside the house. Huh not too bad. It actually was pretty. Me and my dad walked inside. He switched on the light. When you walk in it is open and in a wall is a flight of stairs. By the stairs, a ways down is a room that would be the kitchen. By the kitchen is a dining table. Which all this is the back of the house leading to the backyard. Which is pretty big. I play soccer so you know, practice. By the dining table is the living room. Everything is white so you can tell we are going to have to paint all this. But I liked it plain white. 

"Alice, Go upstairs and pick your room. okay?" I nodded. I ran upstairs not making any sound. That's what I love about myself. I am really quiet. I snuck out of my old house to go to the park and think. The first door I open was a big room. I loved it. There was a bed with no sheets in the corner and nothing else but a fan on the ceiling. I ran back down stairs to grab two boxes with my stuff in it. I ran back up into my room as I see my dad has already built a black counter for me. Well that was fast. It had 7 drawers and a mirror on the top. Pretty. I smiled at him as I put some of my stuff on the counter. A dove spray deodorant, some makeup which I don't really use, a rack full of bracelets and earrings. Well, that's the rest of my box. I noticed my dad had put some bed sheets on my bed and curtains on the window. I put my clothes in the drawers and then I was done. Finally, I sat on the bed and noticed how hot it is in here.I stood up willingly and threw my hands up. My eyes closed as I imagined of Ice covering my room and wind blowing the windows open. My eyes opened. Nothing had happened, everything looked normal. However, it was now 10 degrees colder.You see I saw this T.V show called Avatar. I wanted to do it so badly but only with seasons you know? Well I just imagined things and it would kind of happen. Although it took a lot of energy to do it. I can make fire with my hands and shoot ice shards through my arms. It's really cool but I feel if i tell anyone they will send me to some scientist and experiment on my body and some how kill me on accident. My dad called me and he had already installed all the kitchen things like the stove and put away the kitchen supplies. He also already made dinner for us. We ate chicken and rice in silence. Not in an awkward silence though. When I had finished I washed my plate and went up to my room again and looked outside from my window. There was a floor out side so i can jump from my window to another part of the roof. I jumped out and sat on the roof. Nice I thought to myself. It was getting peaceful when I saw a shadow jump from tree to tree. Huh there is monkeys there? I looked again but it had disappeared. I felt uncomfortable has if someone was watching. I look i the forest and see a figure with red hair staring at me. It had noticed and crouched down so I couldn't see it anymore. I stood up to get a better look but a crow came out from it instead. Huh weird.

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