The Inbetween

So, You all know about Julie Kagawa's Series the Iron Fey? Well, i wanted to something with it. Maybe same settings, same characters, but different story. Not Megan Chase. I just want to try something out with this. And maybe it's starts with girl named Alice.


3. I am What?


 What do you want to do today?

I don't know what do you want to do today?

I don't know what do you want to do today?

I was watching the screen play over the two dumb balls looking for something stupid to do. The main door unlocked and my dad came out. I waved tiredly. He look anxious and nervous as if something had been annoying him. He set down his lunch bag and checked the time. My dad breathed out 6:30. He rubbed his neck. 

"Uh." He started. "Alice." Dad walked back and fourth a bit. He stopped and faced me. "Your Adopted." My heart froze. I was adopted. That explains allot. Not everything but definitely allot. I stood up. 

"Alice please we couldn't tell you. We found you on our doorstep crying. We kept you as family." I started to shake my head. He kept talking fast but i wasn't paying attention. Now I can't call him my dad. I just wished I could crawl up in a ball and shrivel up. I stopped him from talking. 

'' No, I am going to bed." I walked slowly to my room. The man that i thought was my father touched me but i shook his hand away. When i finally pasted Remigio. I ran to my room and slammed the door shut. I am not going to cry. I put those feelings away in a box in my head and I finally felt nothing. I went in the covers and thought. Is this what Puck meant? But it still made no sense. I shoved my hands in my hair. I am going to his house. I am going to find him and then I am going to make him explain to me. I got up and found my back pack and shoved things in it that i would need. Hmm.....Maybe a can of Off! Spray. Hmm a bottle of water I just opened today but i never drank it. A nutrition bar and I am off. Quietly I climbed out the window and jumped down. Then all i have to do is jump down to the roof to the floor. Easy right? i looked down. Huh awfully ways down. I closed my eyes and jumped. wow easy as pie. No one was out at 9:00 so I was free to go. I ran quickly in the eerie forest and started to walk forward. 

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