Gladly Yours Forever

!9 year old Laura Beiber is haunted by her ex-boyfriend. She is protected by her friends and family but id it enough? She finds herself in situations she cant chose or believe she is in.


1. The things He Did

 I woke up in my boyfriends arms. I looked into his eyes and he smiled at me. That smile always gets me. I got up and kissed him lightly on the lips and smile. We both finally get up and get changed. I had change into a pair of white shorty shorts and a light pink crop top saying 'wild in bed' That shirt always makes me smile. Me and him had walk out the door hand in hand.
        Right now sounding like a normal relationship? Well its not, my boyfriend is Matt Smith. Like Matt Smith from cheer athletics. sounds crazy right. Well me and him met at worlds a couple years ago, while we took home the ring and 1st place. to make it even crazier my brother is Justin Bieber. yes I'm Laura Bieber. I'm proud to be his amazing sister. Our parents died when I was 15 and Justin was 18. Since then he has always been very protective over me.
        This morning I would have never thought that my life would have changed this much. Here I am with my hands tied up and crying. today had changed from amazing and sweet to bad news. I was sitting on the floor all beaten up and crying. Matt was standing over me laughing. He had a whip in his hands whipping me over hundreds of times. Carving his name in to my back. I made out each letter. M. A. T. T. Each stroke hurt more and more. Finally after hours of sitting there, Justin came in. he looked at my red puffy eyes and a tear dropped from my eye. All I heard after that was yelling and bang. I had blacked out. 
        The next morning I woke up in the hospital with my back wrapped and feeling better. Justin was sitting next to me stroking me hair. "How long was I out?" I ask still waking up. "You have been out for a week?" Justin says looking away. That hit me waking me up. "What?!? why didn't you wake me up" I say screaming. He looks back with tears in his eyes, "Laura, the doctors thought you were dead.. then we found out that you were only in a coma." Justin says crying. I look into his eyes and start crying.
         Finally after three days I got to go home. Me and Justin sit in the car on the way home. Listening to his new album. Me and him sing together laughing. Once we get home we walk in together. Ok so our home isn't like just any house. It's all white and three stories. Not including out basement and like huge attic. Me and Justin go our separate ways, he goes to his room and I go to mine. My room is the attic and his is the bottom level. The three levels in between are for guests and are our pool, basketball quart/cheer area, movie theater, and other places.  I walk up to the elevator and press up. 
        I get into my room. My room has the best view to the ocean. I see the sun set every night. My bed room has one whole wall of mirrors then another full with windows. My king size bed is built into the wall and my closet is about the size of two buses.I flop onto my bed. BIG MISTAKE. My back still hurts like crazy. I get up and walk over to my full wall mirror. I take off my shirt and remove the bandage. I gasp and back away. My back still has his name on it. M. A. T. T. I start crying and walk into the bathroom. I keep crying for an hour. I walk over to the drawer and pull out some scissors. I look at my face in the mirror and then start cutting my wrist. 1 cut 2 cut 3 cut 4 cut 5 cut. I put it back after a few more. I then wrap it up ,after dabbing it with a towel, with athletic wrap and get a long sleeve sweat shirt and pull it on.
I walk over to my closet and reapply some makeup and put a big fat fake smile on my face.
        me and Justin talk over dinner and then he clears his throat. "Laura, i'm having some friends over for awhile" he say. "ok Justin, Who?" I say shoving another thing on mac and cheese into my mouth. "One direction." he says looking away. I never really liked that band because they were a big competition to Justin. but some how he found a liking to them. ' ok whatever.' I say and putt my bowl into the sink and go up stairs. 
        I get ready for bed and then my phone goes off its Christian. the text reads:
                                                  Laura, heard what happened. I will get that asshole.  Sorry baby doll. I love you lots. I'll see you in the morning.                                                                    
                                        I smiled to myself and fell asleep in my bed

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