After being kicked off X-factor, Alexa Simms is signed to Demi Lovato's label and is sent packing to open for One Direction on their legendary Take Me Home tour. Being stuck on a bus for 12 months with 5 boys she is bound to fall for one, and maybe he falls for her too. Nothing will be able to tear them apart at least that's what they thought. Alexa and Niall both being pop stars and having paparazzi following them at all times might just create some issues between the 'it' couple.


10. The plane

We all borded the plane an I was sitting next to Niall. I put in my headphones and turned on my one direction music. I started humming along to summer love. I felt somebody tap my shoulder. I looked to see Niall smiling at me. "hey" I said. "hey that's nice music your listening to there." he said. "yeah I think so too." I said. He laughed. I looked away and found my magazine. I was reading vogue the one with the boys on it, it just so happens. I heard a laugh and looked at Niall. "what it was the only one I had." I said. "okay." he said. I leaned back into NY chair and fell asleep. "wait hold on I'm fruit to get a good angle" I heard Louis say. "well hurry up before the wake up" said Harry. My eyes fluttered open. My head was on nialls chest and his arm was wrapped around me. I lifted my head up and looked at a peacefully sleeping Niall. "hi guys." I said. "Lou did u get the picture?" asked Liam. "what picture?" I asked. "yeah I got it." louis said. "post it!" yelled Harry. "what?" I asked. "check twitter." said Louis. "okay." I said. I got on my phone and and looked on twitter. My eyes grew wide and tried my best to hide a smile. "send this pic to me." I said. Louis smiled and he looked at the others. "you like him don't you." zayn asked. "what? No I don't." I said. "you are a horrible liar, you that right?" Liam said. "I'm not lieing." I said. "whatever but we can tell you like him." Harry said. "well I don't." I said. They are so right I DO like him! But I have to remember what Demi said a relationship can round everything. I just like him so much tho, but I have to move on! I can like him! Ah gosh I'm talking to myself again. I really want some twislers right now. "hey when do we land?" I asked Liam. "in about 3 hours." he said. "man I wanted some twislers." I fake pouted. "check nialls bag I bet he has some." laughed zayn. I just rolled my eyes. "nah I'm not that desperate to go through his things." I said. "haha whatever." said Louis. I just roles my eyes. Man I do that alot. I laughed out loud. "why are you laughing?" asked Harry. "oh u said something funny to myself. I do that slot so get used to it." I said. They all just laughed. Niall is still sleeping on my shoulder. "what do I do with him?" I said pointing towards a sleeping Niall. "wake him up." said Liam. "but he's sleeping so peacefully." I said. They jst laughed. "well if we wake him up he will attack us so you better do it he wouldn't hurt you." said zayn laughing. "um okay but how?" I asked. They just shrugged. "Niall wake up." I said. He didint even move. "get up." I said again. "NIALL JAMES HORAN GET YOUR BUTT UP!" I yelled agitated. "WHAT THE- oh hey Alexa." Niall said. "Haha dude fix ur hair it lookes rediculous." I said "no you do it for me." he said lazily. "fine." I said giving in. "yay" he said. He layer his head in my lap and I think he fell asleep again. "he feel asleep againz this is what I get for giving in." I said. "well just play with his hair you did say you would." said Liam. Always so honest I like that about him. "fine." I said I fan my fingers through his soft hair. I tried to fix it but he is laying down so I couldint really do anything so i just kept running my finger trough his beautiful blond hair. ''i like it when you do that.'' niall said. ''i thought you were sleeping.'' well i was but i woke up.'' he said. ''then why are you still laying on my lap?''' i asked. ''because its comfortable.'' he said. i just laughed and smacked his arm. i took my hands out of his hair. ''hey whyd you stop?'' he asked. ''because your awake.'' i said. ''so that dosint give you the right to stop.'' he said. ''fine.'' i saidd and kept running my hands through his hair. ''when was the last time you washed your hair it really greesy.'' said the beauty queen coming out of me. ''yesterdat.'' he said. ''what shampoo do you use?'' i asked.''i dont know.'' he said. ''wel its obviously making your greesy which does not feel good by the way. you should try a different shampoo.'' i said. ''well then what do you sugest beauty queen.'' he said sarcasticly. ''i dont know. but i use biolage as my shampoo and mens dept. forr my condishioner.'' i said. ''you use mens condishioner.'' he said. ''no thats just the name but it does make my hair really soft.'' i said. ''really.'' he said. ''yeah it does.'' i said. ''okay girls i think thats enough talk about hair.'' said harry. ''if you want to talk hair talk to zayn.'' said louis. ''okay i will, niall swich seatss with zayn.'' i said. ''no your mine.'' niall said hugging my waist.''um...okay then dont move.'' i said a bit nervous. they guysjust looked at eachother then at me. i heard my ringtone going off it was a one direction song specificly irresistable i just love that song. i quicly jusped up becouse i didint want them know i had that as my ringtone. i saw who it was and answered it. it was maggie. (m -maggie a-alexa)

a- hey whats up

i heard crying in the background

m- hey uh can you come over to niamhs house?

a- no im on a plane about 7 hours away

m- well i really need ypur help

a- whats wrong

m- its niamh andrew broke up with her

a- again?! are you serious i told her that him living in california wasint going to work

m- i know but i need your help she wont stop crying

a- well i cant do anything about it being 10 hoours away

"put it on speker'' yelled louis i put it on speaker

m- well i need ypour help what should i do

a- just give her some food and she will shut up.

the guys laughed

louis- yeah thats what do with niall

a- louis shut up

louis- sorry

m- i already tried that but she just trew it at me

a- okay put her on the phine

n- hi lex can you come over plaese

a-sorry i cant girly im on a airplane

n- well then get off

a- sweethart i cant just drop everything and run to you like i always do i have a job now om sorry about andrew but you have to move on

n- i cant i love him

a- well stop and get your butt to a club or something

n- no i dont feel like moving

a- well im sorry

louis- hey niamh

n- yeah

L- just get over him hes not worth your tears okay now get up off your butt and go have some fun do a girls night watch some chickl movies and pig out on cany and popcorn and foret that jerk okay

n- yeah thats a good idea thanks person i dont know

L- no problem

i hungup after that. ''louis where diod that come from?'' i ask ''well girls always value a guys opinion, so why not a smokin hot guy like me give it to her'' he said. ''well thanks i wikll have to keep that in mind when something else comes up with her.'' i said. "so i obviously know that niall me on xfactor but did anybosy else?" i asked ''yeah every episode.'' said zayn. ''okay then  tell me how bad did i really soud?''' i asked. ''you sounded really good actually.'' said harry. ''really?thanks.'' i said a bit surprised. ''hey play with my hair again.'' wined niall. ''fine.'' i said ''yay!'' said niall.

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