After being kicked off X-factor, Alexa Simms is signed to Demi Lovato's label and is sent packing to open for One Direction on their legendary Take Me Home tour. Being stuck on a bus for 12 months with 5 boys she is bound to fall for one, and maybe he falls for her too. Nothing will be able to tear them apart at least that's what they thought. Alexa and Niall both being pop stars and having paparazzi following them at all times might just create some issues between the 'it' couple.


23. Since I was about 5

"C'mon Alexa I have to he your hair done hurry up!" I heard Lou yell at me. "Don't get your panties in a twist I'm getting dressed" I yelled back at her. When I strapped on my baby blue sparkles heel I walked out and went to Lou. "What should we do for your hair tonight?" She asked me. "I was actually thinking simple like a loose side fishtail braid" I suggested. "Yes okay that could work" she said and started the braid. After about 5 minutes she had it perfectly done and hair sprayed for me. "Thanks Lou!" I exclaimed. "We'll it's my job... Literally" she said.  "Right" I said as walked out to where the boys were standing. They already were done getting ready so they were just waiting on lazy me. "Hey sorry we can go now" I told them. They all looked stunned and were wide eyed looking at me. "What?" I said starting to feel self-conscious. "You look beautiful" Niall said takings hand. I blushed and suggested we got going. I was actually nominated for three awards tonight which is pretty amazing!! I was nominated for best new single, female hottie, and best female. (Ik there is no female hottie but it was in the MTV music awards and I liked that category) and actually it's kinda weird because Harry was nominated for male hottie. Anyways we got in the limo and set off to the awards show! When we got to the red carpet there was so many flashes of cameras I could barely see. I got out first followed by Niall Liam Harry Louis and Zayn. Niall immediately grabbed my hand and we walked into the red carpet for our pictures. Niall and I posed for a few pictures together then we got separated. He went with the boys and I had some by myself. They asked me questions and I did my best to answer them all I'm my limited amount of time. It was awesome though! When we got inside I found my seat the was right next to the boys' seats! Yay u won't be alone! Then next to me was KATY PERRY! I tried my best not to freak out on her but it was hard! They guys won of course and if finally came up to my category. I probably squeezed Niall's hand so hard his bones broke. But thankfully they didn't. "And the best female goes to," the announcers started, "Alexa Simms!" A huge smile spread across my face and I stood up and hugged all the boys and Katy before making my way up to the stage. "Wow this is so amazing I can't even believe I'm standing up here," I started to say," I've been like rehearsing for a award show in my mind  since I was about 5 and i i still don't have my speech memorized so here it goes" I told them "I want to thank my producers, demi, my team who makes me up and gets me going for the day, I want to thank The Lord for every single chance he has given me and I want to thank the fans because without you guys I wouldn't even be standing up here right now so thank you lots of love to everybody thank you!" I said into the microphone. I can't believe I just won an award! I posed for a couple of pictures with my award and them hurried back out for the rest of the show! 

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