Imagine you are aground on an Island. But not alone. With One Direection. That's what happens to Celine who definetly isn't happy with this situation. But the Boys aren't as bad as she thought and she start to get feelings them. But theres only one girl. And what will happen if they start to fight because of her? Will they find their way back to civilisation?
_ "You're mine! Maybe we are on a fucking island with nothing left but that doesn't mean that i can't fuck you right here! Don't you dare to think you can run away!", he whispered in my ear.
He was right. There was nothing left. We were aground on that fucking island. One Direction and me. That's right. One Direction. Shit just that they started to fight because of me. "Maybe i'll try to run away", i replied.
"You won't!", he said and kissed me passionatly.


6. Chapter 5 - You're beautiful anyway


You're beautiful anyway

Warning: Bit smut in :)


His hand wander up to my breast and squeeze it slowly.

I press my body closer to his and moan quietly. His hand wander further down my body an cup my ass. His lips start to kiss my neck up and down while my finger slowly rub his nipple.

He press me at the end of the lake against the earth. I pushed slightly against his chest and look into his blue eyes. He gives me a happy glance. I stroke over his abs and over his belly.

His eyes get wider. "Celine", he moan.

I lean in and kiss his nipple. I suck it between my lips. My teeth touch it a little and he growl.

I smile up to him. He crash his lips on to mine and kiss me passoinately.

I could feel him get hard bewteen my legs and press myself against him only to make him growl again. My lips wander to his neck and suck a little.

Nialls lips find my ear and cough: "You know, you're beautiful?"

I stop kissing him and beg away. He let go of me and i look sadly at the ground.

"I'm not", i mutter.

"Of course you are!", he reply and hold my hands.

"No!", i shout and without thinking i show him the inside of my upper arms. They are full of cuts. Fortunately you can barely see them.

"Is this beautiful?", i yell at him.

I show him my inner thighs, full of bruises and cuts. "Or this?!"

Niall look at me in shock and swallow hard. I can't stand the hurt and worried look in his eyes. I turn around and make my way out of the lake. The tears already make their way down my cheeks. I try to hide my sobs but fail hard.

Suddenly i feel a grip on my right wrist, making me stop.

Niall press me to his chest and mumble: "You're beautiful anyway!"

I rest my head on to his chest.

One of his hands hug me tight, the other stroke my belly.

His index finger stroke my belly bottom. He kiss my shoulder and mumble sweet thing into my ear.

His hand makes his way further down. It goes down into my panties. I cough.

"It's okay. I am here", he mumble.

He stroke me at first, slowly. I bit down my bottom lip and shut my eyes.

One of his finger enter me. I moan loud. My chest rise and fall fast.


He kiss my shoulder again and again. He began to add more speed.One of his other Fingers find there way into me. His thumb stroke over my clit and slightly press against it. I could feel my orgasm build. "I'm comming", i cough.

"Look at me!"

He cup my chin with his free hand. I shut my eyes open and look into his clear blue eyes.

"Niall!", i moan while riding out my orgasm. His fingers stil rub into me.

My chest rise and fall fast. I turn around in his arms.


"It's okay", he say and give me a quick kiss, "You're simply beautiful!"

I smile. "You get a reward sometime", i answer and he smile.

I make my way out of the lake and get the arrwo herb and my clothes, still try to catch my breath.

"I'll come after you", Niall means and dissapear in the jungle.

I make my way to the beach.

Harry stand at the fire. It was late evening and the sun rise.

"Look what i found! We could eat this!", i tell him.

Suddenly he turns around and crash his lips on to mine.

"You're mine!"

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