My secret

Hilly lives in a foster home a is moving into a new one in a day. Hilly has a secret that nobody knows about not even her best friend. That all changes when Hilly goes to a party and meets a new boy and talks to her crush. Read more about Hilly and her dark secret.


7. Understanding me and my dogs

Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz I groaned knowing that it was my alarm clock I got up and changed into a plain blue shirt that says ''bite me'' in big black bold letters. I went downstairs with my dogs close behind. I walk into the kitchen and see that Clayton was there with the girl from last night still.

My dogs growled at her she backed up a little bit causeing me to chuckle a little bit. ''NO'' I said and the dogs whimpered and backed up a little still bearing their teeth at her.

''Ha'' looks like my dogs don't like you I said to the girl and Clayton gave me a glare and I backed up, showing my hands in defeat. Its not funny Clayton said still glareing at me while I got an apple and a granola bar out of the fridge.

It is to me I said feeding the dogs. Sit I said and all three dogs sat in a row while I said ''good boys'' and put a bowl in front of each dog. They didn't start eating yet they just sat there stareing at me waiting for my command to eat.



They just sat there stareing at Hilly like they were communicate through their minds. Hilly got up and got some beef to add to the dog food. She started slicing through the meat and I asked her ''why are they not eating yet''? ''Oh'' because they're waiting for my command she said. ''Wow'' I thought they are really trained. I got up and asked her if they would listen to me she said no but I could try. So I stood in front of them and said ''eat'' they just started growling Hilly laughed and said be nice. And they stopped growling and laid down in front of their bowls waiting on Hilly.



I finished slicing the meat and spit it into three and put it into dog food and said eat and they began eating. After they were finished eating I put them outside and three bowls of water with ice so it wouldn't get hot I told them not to go far with the mind link. I linked my mind to my dogs so we would be closer and so that they would behave and trust me. Since their backyard was the woods and it had no fence I had to tell them and I even made a little hiding place for them incase something happened and I wasn't here. I then walked to school I had no mate because I wasn't born into that pack but they still accepted me as one of their own. And I became leader somehow it just happened naturally.

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