My secret

Hilly lives in a foster home a is moving into a new one in a day. Hilly has a secret that nobody knows about not even her best friend. That all changes when Hilly goes to a party and meets a new boy and talks to her crush. Read more about Hilly and her dark secret.


1. The hunt

Panting heavily, I close in on the hunt. It couldn't hear us creeping up behind it, until each one of us leaped out on to it. Over all the growling I couldn't hear them walking up till I turned around.

And there he was standing there next to his family. He had dark brown hair red eyes and skin that glowed, Edward he's so perfect. Even though I had feelings for him. As leader of the pack I had to take a stand. It would never work out we are natural enemies.

So as my fur turned from white to black I growled warning them to get of our territory. After they left my fur turned back to white. Whenever I get upset my fur turns to black and when I am not offended my fur is white. I realize that I lost track of time and turn back to my human form and run home to get ready for the party my best friend Kristen is making me go to.


Before I leave I think about how its possible that Edward could like me. But that preposterus he knows that we are natural enemies and that his vampire leader can kill him and I wouldn't be leader of the pack anymore. To my pack they are just cold-blooded bloodsuckers, but to me he is just. Hilly my pack says to me snaping me out of my daydream. What are you doing in your human form? Even though I am in my human form we can still talk to each other through thought. I gotta leave Kristen is making me out with her. Ok they all say knowing that I lied and that i was going to the party.

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