My life as a dog

I am a dog, a stray to be exact. I look like a wolf I am white as can be and a bit small because i'm still growing and I'm still a puppy. No one wants me, I live where there are famous people until I meet a group of rich guys. At first 4 of them abused me by throwing rocks and telling me to leave until one of them trys to get close to me and brings me in. Will I let him should I? Or should I hurt the others. I try until the other 4 hurt me again and I change. when I say change I mean I'm not a dog anymore. will he fall for me or will I leave and take revenge on the others?


2. Waking up in a strange place


I walk into my room and see that the dog is still bleeding right behind her ear. I walk into my bathroom and get the first aid kit. I start cleaning behind her ear until I see a birthmark in the shape of a letter. It looks like the letter V maybe it has something to do with her name. Oh well I'll think of a name later. I finish cleaning the gash in her head and walk out of my room. I walk past the boys paying no mind to them while they play video games. I walk into the kitchen and grab a water bottle and sit at the counter and start thinking till Jeremy asks me something.

''Hey Zack isn't your baby cousin Jack coming over so you can babysit him?''

Jack is 3 years old and comes every Friday so I can babysit him.

''Umm yeah why?''

''Well'' Zayn started. ''What about the dog for all you know she can kill him if she wanted to or if she feels threatened.''

''Oh yeah that's right.''

At that moment I heard a yelp come from my room I bolted for my room with the boys right behind me. I was going to protest but there was no time so I just kept fast walking to my room.


I woke up in a strange room, my vision was blurry but getting better by the minute and so was my headache. When it all went away I decided to get up. I looked around the room after I took the room in I realized it smelled like Zack. I could because when he picked me up earlier I could smell his scent. I decided that I'll try to get him in here so I let out a little yelp and sat and waited. Till the door bursted open and I saw Zack looking worried till I started to bounce around letting out playful little yelps here and there wagging my tail back and forth. Till I saw the boys then I stopped and started growling Then Zack walked up to me and kneeled down in front of me saying that nothing is going to happen. ''Hey calm down they aren't going to hurt you I'll make sure of it'' He smiled and then I calmed down he then got up and started to talk to the boys.

''So we need a name for her'' Zack started

''What about chocolate poo poo''. Jake suggested

I suddenly started to get nervous if they would really choose that stupid name for me.

''Uh no'' Zack said. and I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding in.

''What about Candy?'' R asked

I actually liked that one.

''Yeah I like that one what about you girl do you like it?'' he said suddenly looking at me

When he looked at me I let out a little bark.

''Ok so Candy it is.'' Jeremy said

I jumped on the bed and closed my eyes slowly drifting off to sleep.


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