My life as a dog

I am a dog, a stray to be exact. I look like a wolf I am white as can be and a bit small because i'm still growing and I'm still a puppy. No one wants me, I live where there are famous people until I meet a group of rich guys. At first 4 of them abused me by throwing rocks and telling me to leave until one of them trys to get close to me and brings me in. Will I let him should I? Or should I hurt the others. I try until the other 4 hurt me again and I change. when I say change I mean I'm not a dog anymore. will he fall for me or will I leave and take revenge on the others?


1. My life as it is


I am a stray I have no name yet that I know of. I am walking down the street as usual, my white fur puffy bouncing up and down from just taking a bath. Until I pass the house with them playing on the lawn. All I know is that their names are Zack, Jake, Jeremy, Niall, and I don't know the other ones name but they call him R or something like that. Its a regular day I pass like every day, with them throwing rocks at me and me trying not to get hurt and running away from those humans. Belive it or not but I use to be a human. I use to be a spy until I got caught and experimented on and one day the experiment went wrong and I turned into a dog. I managed to escape and am now a stray. My name use to be Victoria but I think of my life as a new start a new name so I have no name for now until someone takes me in. Now I walk by this house everyday as part of my journey to get food and end getting rocks thrown at me. I don't even know what I did wrong so I just keep going.

Except today was different they didn't do anything they just kept on playing not even bothering to look at me except Zack hes the only one that hasn't hurt me yet. When he caught me staring I bolted down the street not daring to look behind me.



I walk by their house to get to my den. I walk by and try to take the shortcut through their backyard. Big mistake. I walk through not realizing they were there and they start throwing rocks at me. One hits me really hard in the head and draws blood I let out a really loud yelp they fall to the floor motionless with my vision getting blurry by the minute. I whimper till I see Zack come over and picks me up I start whimpering. He whispers in my hear ''it'll be alright'' before I black out.


I set the dog down in my room on the carpet then I walk out to the guys laughing it up. Then I think to myself could she understand me? Or did she trust me? My thoughts were interrupted by R say how fun it is to hurt the poor dog.


''HEY that dog is really nice and what has she done to you HUH?'' ''Dude chill out its just a...'' R started but I instantly cut him off ''Its not just a dog, its a living thing just like me and you, how do you think she feels? You think she likes living on the street getting harassed by you guys?'' I screamed at them storming out of the room and into my room.

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