Young and Beautiful (RE-WRITING IT)

Elena Hadid is Fifteen years old. She's brunette, 5'8 tall, she has white skin and big beautiful brown eyes. She lives in a beautiful big house in Calabasas, Los Angeles with her Dad, her Mom and her little sister Isabelle; she's thirteen. She also has a older sister; Alaia. She lives in L.A, but she's married now.

Elena attends to Sierra Canyon high school. She's popular but she isn't a mean girl. She has a big group of amazing friends. Her best friend is Lily van der Woodsen; brunette, 5'2 tall, a little bit skin tanned, she has brown eyes. They met in primary school. They love to go shopping, parties, concerts, and obviously they love going to Coachella.

Elena doesn't have a fandom. She loves One Direction and Justin Bieber's music, but she isn't crazy about them. But her sister Isabelle completely loves Justin Bieber! She is always listening and worshiping him. Let's say she's a proud Belieber.

Staples Center, 7:00 pm, two tickets, Bieber's concert. Elle and Isa take over. OLLG


8. Never Let You Go

— Elena

Ten minutes later of running, I reached the arena. I arrived to the front gate. I showed the employees receiving the tickets my All Access pass. The lady that attended me, motioned a policeman to take me to the backstage with the rest of the team.  He walked behind me, to prevent something bad happened to me. He took me to a metal door, there we stopped.

"You need to walk through this door alone, I am not allowed to cross it, when you do it, then you got to the backstage".

"Thank you so much!".

The police waited for me to cross the door. When I cross the door, I closed it again. I could already hear the music getting stronger and stronger. I followed my instincts and walk through where I heard the music getting louder. After a while of walking down the long hallway, I got happy to finally reached the backstage. I saw Alfredo, Pattie, Scooter, Ryan and what seemed to be Chaz. I walked through them.

Pattie turned around "Elena honey, you're here!" she hugged me "I thought something happened to you".

"There was a lot, a lot of traffic a few blocks away from here, I needed to run".

"And Zilka?".

"I leaved him in the Range Rover" I made a worrying face. 


"Sorry, I needed to be here on time".

"Well, the point is that you're here, safe" we walked through the boys.

"Glad you came, Justin is too distracted" Ryan said and kissed my cheek.

"Really?" I hugged Alfredo.

"He has already mistaken in three songs" Alfredo said.

"New Mrs. Bieber? I'm Chaz" I laughed.

"Hi Chaz, I'm Elena".

"We need to tell Justin you're here" Ryan said.

"How? We can't call him".

"I know one person who can call him" Chaz said.

"Scooter" I said.

"Wait for me" Alfredo said, he walked through Scooter


I walked through Scooter "Hey, can you please say to Justin his surprise just arrived?".

"Elena's here? thanks god!".

"Now tell him!":

Scooter touched his ear microphone "Hey Bieber".

I could hear Justin voice "What's up?".

"Turn around your surprise's here".

— Justin

I was dancing and singing As Long As You Love Me, when Scooter called me on my ear microphone.

"Hey Bieber".

"What's up?".

"Turn around your surprise's here".

"What surprise?" I thought. "Surprise?".

I turned around were the team was, there was Ryan with a girl, I don't know maybe the One Less Lonely Girl, no she can't be Elena. She was smiling at me, she said something, I could read her lips, she said something like "Miss you"; Oh I missed her like hell!. I couldn't stop staring at her.

"Hey back to work, you'll see her in a few minutes!" Scooter said.

"Okay okay".

 — Elena

"I told you sweetheart, I misses you a lot" Pattie said, I just blushed.

"Now we won't be able to separate them" Chaz said.

"Stop the music, stop it, I need to say something" I heard Justin said, we turned around to see whats going on.

"What's he doing?" I asked.

"Justin being Justin" Ryan said.

" I want to do something, something special. As you might know I have not been myself the last month, is because I thought I had lost the most beautiful person, so Elena, I'll Never Let You Go" the crowd started to shout, Justin began to sing Never Let You Go.

"It's been a long time since he doesn't sing that song" Pattie said.

The concert did not take more than fifteen minutes to finish. Zilka came right at the end. The escorted us to Pattie and me to meet and greet. There were already Ryan, Chaz, Alfredo and Justin.

Justin hugged me "I missed you so much Elena!" he kissed my forehead.

"I missed you to!" He hugged me even tighter "Please tell me you have our dinosaurs!".

"They're waiting for you in the tour bus".


"Justin, is going to enter the first girl of the meet and greet, get ready".

"See you in few minutes beautiful" he let me go.

The first girl to enter the meet and greet, was a little princess about eight years in a wheelchair, she was just beautiful. Justin began to talk to her. When it was time to take the picture, she asked if I could also be in the picture, I swear I almost cried. Justin stood right beside her, I stood in the left side. Justin and I hugged her and smile. When the child was gone, I started to mourn. When Justin saw me, he hugged me and asked me what I had, but could not answer. He rubbed my back and reassured me. When I stop mourn, I went to Ryan and he hugged me.

Some girls and boys were asking me if I could be in their photos. I accepted in order to not act like a brat. On the other hand, some girls made at me ugly faces. When Justin caught them, he got angry. But anyways, what can I could do, I can not make them love me. 

When the meet and greet ended, Justin and I took hands. A group of bodyguards escorted us to Justin's van. Justin opened the door of his Range Rover to me. While he was driving to my hotel, we were holding hands. Nothing could be better. Justin left his truck in the hotel's parking valet. A police escorted us to my room because apparently the paparazzi followed us.

"I'll pick you up at 12:00 am, okay?".

"Why don't you stay here?".

"Are you sure?".



Quick Hello from the Author:

hi girrrrls! I hope you're enjoying this fanfic. I love writing every chapter of it, I have so much fun, really! Girls I'm not kidding, when I was about to start writing the chapter I was listen to music in my phone (shuffle mode) When I wrote the first word, Never Let You Go started playing <333 it was so cute

I'm writing a new fanfic about Zayn!! Let me know if you're interested in reading it.

Leave your comments below. And remember, no comments, no new chapter.



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