The Association

Traverse City, Michigan: population 14,894
Correction: population 14,890

Four girls are dead. In this small town, murder is not a familiar term; however, in the last three years it has been. Four girls are dead. All four had three things in common. One, the girls went to the same high school. Two, they were in the same grade. Three, the four all dated Liam Payne before their deaths. The Payne's along with two other families, the Tank's and the Yule's, have "run" Traverse City for generations now. What they say goes. No, they are not the mob. These families make up something worse than the mob. The Payne's, Tank's, and Yule's make up The Association. Liam is supposed to continue the family tradition, but first he has to find the right girl to lead with. What happens to new girl, Kate Holler (population 14,891), when Liam's got his eyes set on her? Is she the one or will she face the same road that the four other girls did?


4. Drama

The loud cafeteria bustling with screaming teenagers and hooligans are no where as loud as the thoughts in my head.  I can barely focus on eating when these questions roam my mind.  All throughout homeroom Tank's, Yule's, and Payne's eyes were glued onto me; even when there were six girls hanging all over them!  I felt like I was being vandalized.  They kept looking over my body, licking their lips, and moaning.  It was disgusting!  I feel like I should go home and take a three hour shower.   

"It's like every where I turn it's Will this and Alex that and oh I can't forget about Liam.  How have you dealt with this since Kindergarden?  I have only been here a couple of hours and I already can't take it anymore!"  I complain to Lucy as she eats my stale, cold fries.  

"I still can't believe they all ended up in your homeroom,"  she says.  

"I know out of all the homerooms they end up in mine.  I don't even know which boy is who yet.  Now is Tank the one with red hair?"

"No that's Yule.  Tank is the one with the blonde hair.  Personally I don't believe that is his real hair color, but that's just me."

"So Payne is the one with the short brown hair?"  I ask.  

"Correct.  Have they tried anything on you?"

"Their eyes were attached to me!  I just wish they would take a picture and leave me the hell alone!"  

"Be careful that's always their first move.  At first all they do is stare.  Their next step is to try to sit by you or partner up with you in class.  Then it is down hill from there,"  Lucy warns.  "Do you have any classes with them?"

"No, do you?"

"No,  but we still have one more class to go after lunch.  I already know I have been blessed, none of those barbarians are in my next class so I am home free."

"Do you know what classes they have next?"

"I know Tank definitely has a free next period which means he will probably ditch.  I think Yule has French and I don't know what Payne has."

"Well let's just hope his next class isn't drama,"  I mutter.  


Fear trails behind me as I stroll down the cold hallway.  Lucy said that the drama classroom is the last classroom on the forth floor all the way to the left.  Why is this hallway so empty?  All the hallways I have came across today have been filled with rowdy students and austere teachers.  However this hallway is lifeless and cold which only makes my fear grow even bigger!  

A sudden breeze passes through like a ghost and I wrap myself tight in my mom's old wool sweater.  Slowly I approach a brown, wooden door; this must be it.  I brace myself and attempt to get ahold of just a wisp of courage.  Kate you can do this, just open the door.  I throw wide the door and my ears fill with chattering and laughing juniors; none of these juniors being Payne.  

As I sigh all my fears exhale and I inhale relief.  I stride into the room with a smile planted across my face.  This is quite the unorthodox classroom.  Instead of desks there are steps for the students to sit on and in the front of the room there is an enormous stage.  I skip up the steps all the way to the top where no one is sitting.  I think drama is going to be my favorite class; it seems relaxing and of course very artistic.  

"Hello my glamorous actors and actresses,"  says an absolutely flaming man skipping into the classroom.  He must be the teacher but I've never had a teacher like this!  His black shirt looks more like a blouse and it flows below his hips.  He is wearing brown cowboy boots that match his glasses and his jeans look tighter than mine!  

"For those who don't know me I am Mr. Vevi, but I don't like all this formal crap.  I am your friend so call me by my first name Peter.  So let's get started shall we?  Is everyone here?"  

We all turn our heads looking around as Peter counts.  It seems like everyone is here; how big can the class be?  

"Seems like we are missing someone,"  Peter mutters.  

"You forgot to count me,"  a voice says.  I glance towards where the voice came from and my eyes grow wide.  Right before me walking into the classroom, late may I add, is no other than Liam Payne.  

"Ah Liam, my shining star, please take a seat.  I am about to tell everyone about this year's play."  

I can't believe this!  This stuff only happens to me.  Now not only do I have to sit through homeroom with the pigs now I have drama with the dirtiest and most dangerous pig of all!  

Liam's dark eyes scan the room as he searches for a place to sit.  Unexpectedly his eyes meet mine and his lips quickly form into a smirk.  Feeling dirty again I awkwardly  shift in my seat and look down at my old, worn out TOMS.  Not a few moments later a long, dark shadow clouds over me and I look up only to see Liam with a smug, cocky look on his handsome face.  As he sits down in front of me Liam looks over his shoulder and chuckles.  

Now every sense, every pulse in my body is filled with fear yet again.  This is definitely not going as I planned.  What ever happened to my plan of not crossing each other's paths?  That certainly took a turn for the worst.  

"Oh I am so excited for this year's play!  I have a feeling it is going to be the best one we have ever had.  So this year's play is going to be none other than Bye Bye Birdie.  Auditions will be next week, but until then we will be doing acting exercises in pairs,"  Peter bursts with excitement.  "However I will be pairing you all up.  So let us start; Miss Williams you are with Mr. Dandle, Miss Smith you are with Mr. Ferule,  Miss White you are with Mr. Lokas..."

Slowly Peter goes down his long list of paired students.  I am praying that I get a good partner who is normal and easy to work with. 

"...and Miss Holler you are with Mr. Payne."        

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