Playground tag

Hi! I'm Hadley. I'm age 19 and play competitive softball. My sister Jennifer is 21 and has a daughter that is 3 and her name is Emily .I'm going to take my niece to the playground today. She said they just added swings and a big swirly slide and she hasn't been to the new parts. I told her that I had softball practice later that day so I would take her earlier. She thought it was a good idea. What I haven't told her yet is that 5 hot boys always hang out together there. What will happen when Hadley plays tag with her niece and the 5 boys join. What will happen if she gets hurt or pulled on to fast? To find out read my movella playground tag.


7. Practice no so normal

When When my team all gets here we run stretch and throw like normal. Every water break I would give Harry either a little wink or smile in knowing that I was happy he stayed. After a couple water breaks we started defense and I was playing second base. I wasn't paying any attention to my coach hitting the ball. I was paying attention to Emily who has just woken up in niall's arms and I couldn't believe that all 5 of them were still there. I just kept staring and next thing u know it just went black. 

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