Playground tag

Hi! I'm Hadley. I'm age 19 and play competitive softball. My sister Jennifer is 21 and has a daughter that is 3 and her name is Emily .I'm going to take my niece to the playground today. She said they just added swings and a big swirly slide and she hasn't been to the new parts. I told her that I had softball practice later that day so I would take her earlier. She thought it was a good idea. What I haven't told her yet is that 5 hot boys always hang out together there. What will happen when Hadley plays tag with her niece and the 5 boys join. What will happen if she gets hurt or pulled on to fast? To find out read my movella playground tag.


17. poor harry/ with note

authors note

I was listening to ed sheeran: a team when writing this. so sorry if it doesn't make sense at all. I love ed sheeran though. sorry for the note but I don't normally have one but I just wanted to say thank you to the people that actually took time too read this. im thinking of putting it on wattpad. im not sure if I should yet so please comment and let me know if I should put this on wattpad. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT!



Hadley's point of view

I open the door and there he is. his green eyes confused and probably filled with frustration. I cant take it anymore so I just slide down the door frame and sit with my hands on my face and knees close. a little bit of tears come out and all I want to do Is apologize but im scared to know if he will hate me now. words now slip out of my mouth. " im sorry" is all I could get out. I don't know what I did but he walked away. that's when fear hits me. I should have never said that to him. why does everything fall apart when it has to do with me.


another note sorry

I have been having writers block so nothing has been coming to me and music wont help so u might not get anything for like a couple days.


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