Playground tag

Hi! I'm Hadley. I'm age 19 and play competitive softball. My sister Jennifer is 21 and has a daughter that is 3 and her name is Emily .I'm going to take my niece to the playground today. She said they just added swings and a big swirly slide and she hasn't been to the new parts. I told her that I had softball practice later that day so I would take her earlier. She thought it was a good idea. What I haven't told her yet is that 5 hot boys always hang out together there. What will happen when Hadley plays tag with her niece and the 5 boys join. What will happen if she gets hurt or pulled on to fast? To find out read my movella playground tag.


16. Harry house

When we finished kissing we went to the desk and the nurse gave us my medication and and said your set to go. we left the hospital and when we got to Harrys house I took a long nap for the first time in a while. I mean we cause Louis, Niall and Emily was with us. I felt bad for Emily cause she was around random boys when she was suppose to stay with me the whole week and I still haven't spent more than an hour with her. then again I was happy for her cause she was goofing around and having more fun than she would with me. when I woke up I found harry next to me on the couch and Louis and Emily asleep. I guessed that niall left. I sat up and asked where niall went harry laughed and said he left cause he needed sleep. I turn to the television and the news was on. they just happened to be on a one direction update. they were talking about how niall, harry, and Louis where missing from rehearsal. I turned to harry and asked him what that was all about. "harry what is that all about". "nothing sunshine". 'harry I cant let this go is there something wrong, and why didn't you make your rehearsals?" "if it will make you happy me and the lads missed rehearsal because you were in the hospital and I didn't want to leave you there with no guardian. " "harry you could have lost your job, and I definitely don't need someone looking over me. I am a grown person living on her own." "I.....I..." "harry i'm not your priority and you need to know that." I stand up and rush to the farthest bathroom from the living room. I get inside and start bawling. Im sitting on the toilet lid with the shower to my left in a nice clear crystal class frame. the sink is in form of the toilet but its quite a big bathroom. I know I shouldn't have went at him like that and im so sorry for what I did. I just couldn't sit there and let him watch me cry, I should of known something was up when he brought me to his flat. I pull out my phone and go on twitter. there's nothing new besides a friend request from harry. I stare at it and turn off my phone and I hear a knock. Oh No! I have to hurry and get my shit together. "ill be there soon" I say.

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