Change my Mind

Julie, a hardworking 17 year old has always dreamed of being famous. But with her mother dead , it wasn't so easy. One day, she gets hired at a small bakery and meets some one she didn't expect to meet at all...
Harry Styles from One Direction.


3. Getting Ready


Julie's P.O.V

"What to wear, what to wear?!" Today was the day I was meeting One Direction and I have no clue what to wear! As I rapidly scanned my closet, I noticed an amazing dress that I put on. I was super proud of myself, I looked fabulous! I added some beige heels and off I was! 


Harry's P.O.V

Im so excited to see Julie! I wonder what she's wearing... Slap out of it Harry! "Guys get this party ready! Niall, you go order the damn pizza. Zayn, you go get the balloons. Liam, you can get the radio and choose the music. Louis, go get the...uh...whatever else we dont have!" I was so nervous! What would she think? Too fancy? Too plain? I looked at the clock. "Niall,when will the pizza be here?" I shouted. "In about 5 minutes!" He shouted back. I smiled. I was glad I had such good friends. We all waited for Julie to arrive. 


Sorry this chapter is so short!  Im in such a rush!!!PS Anyone know how to put links in this? Thanks! 


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