Niall Horan will always have my heart

A beautiful blonde named Sophia meets her celebrity crush, Niall Horan on a summer cruise in the Bahamas. One night suddenly turns into the best one of her life when Niall asks her for her name and number. They start hanging out and spending time with eachother, going further and further into their relationship. Will they be able to keep their amazing relationship after Sophia hears the worst news of her life and Niall goes on tour?


2. Meeting him.


        Dinner was amazing. We had all finished our meals and now we were just sitting around making small talk. Suddenly, I heard whipsers, "Oh my god, is that Niall Horan from One Direction?" I turned my shoulder and noticed a tall blonde haired boy with braces. Nobody got up to run up to him because they were intimidated by his huge body guard, and I would be too. It took me a couple of seconds to realize who it actually was and when I did, my jaw dropped and my heart was pounding out of my chest. I couldn't believe Niall Horan was going to walk right past me in a couple of seconds. "Oh my god" I mouthed to my mom and she didn't know what I was talking about until she looked up at Niall, then at me, and then to him again. Then she had realized why I was freaking out. My family knew that I had a huge obsession with him ever since he was on X-Factor in 2010. As he was about to walk past our table I tightened up and looked over to see where he was. He was right in front of me! And in that moment, he looked down at me and smiled. My whole body started shaking. Then every second or two, he would turn around and just look me in my eyes and that just made my heart melt.

       After a while of collecting myself, I got up and excused to the bathroom so I could maybe just splash some water on my face. I approached the begininng of the hallway where the bathrooms were. There was a corner which led to the men's room and then straight ahead was the door to the ladies room. I was looking down at the dark brown hardwood floor, walking to the bathroom door when I had felt my body slam into someone. "Oh crap, I'm so sorry. I'm so stupid for not looking where I was go-" I stopped and looked up. It was him. It was Niall. He looked down and smiled at me, "It's okay, love." My mouth was now wide open. "I noticed you at the table, and let me say you are the most beautiful girl I've seen." I mouthed the words thank you because I couldn't manage to get the words out. He chuckled and then he put his hand out and asked for my phone. I opened my purse and fumbled around in there until I pulled out my iPhone and put it in his hand. He was putting his number in and then he showed me the screen. His contact said "Niall" with a heart and a kissy face. We both looked at eachother and smiled. "Text me, beautiful" he whispered in my ear softly, his lips brushing it gently which made me tingly. I walked back to the table and made up some story about having a stomach ache so I could go back to my room and text Niall.

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