Drunk (Zayn Malik fanfic)

Alaina gets drunk at a party and wakes up with a total stranger. She doesn't remember what happen the night before but might trace back her mind when she falls in love with the stranger.


6. Chapter 6

"I think I'm just gonna go home, because I don't want to argue with you." I say. 

"How are you gonna get home?" Zayn asked when I walked in. 

"Excellent question. I don't know. I'll find my way back home. I can't be that too far." I said walking towards the door. 

"I'll take you home." He said getting up and grabbing his keys from the kitchen counter top. 

"No, I'm walking." I said strictly.

"I'm taking you home and you're not saying no." He sternly said. 

I frowned knowing I'd have to ride his horrid bike once again. 

We walked out of the door and down the steps to his bike. 

After a terrible ride home I shakily got off of his bike. 

The look in his eyes caused goosebumps to form on my on my skin. My breath to slow and shivers to descend down my spine. 

When I walked into my crappy apartment Mum piled me with questions. 

"Where the hell were you? Are you okay? How'd you get home." She rambled on. 

"Mum just stop, I'm okay. And I got a ride home." I said. 

"You didn't get a ride from that boy did you? I specifically told you not to go around him." She saids. 

"Mum! I'm 18 I can be with anyone I want. Every day you treat me like I'm 6, well I'm not." I yelled. 

Later on there was a knock on our door. I stood up from the couch to see who it was from. 

It was Zayn hold my bag. He must've seen it and is giving it to me. 

I shut the door behind me because I wanted to talk to him.

"Can I stay with you?" I asked sitting on the porch. 

"Why?" He asked. 

"I made a decision of moving out before school ends." I say staring at the ground.

"You can't just leave." He saids. 

"I'm 18 don't tell me what to do and what not to do. Maybe I can stay with my dad." I say. 

Zayn dug in his trousers for his box of cigarettes and a lighter. He lit the cigarette and put it in his mouth. 

I was sitting next to him staring at him. 

"Why do you smoke?" I asked staring. 

"No reason, it's just something I should regret but not going to." He replied with smoke coming out of his mouth. 

"Oh yeah, you never answered my question." I say. 

"What question?" He asked. 

"Where do you box at?" I asked with a smirk. 

"At a warehouse downtown." He replied. 

"When's your next fight?" I rambled on. 

"Depends if I want to fight someone or if they want to fight me."

"Where's your parents?" I couldn't stop asking questions. 

Zayn didn't say anything instead he sat there and smoke. 

"Answer me." I say sternly. 

"Don't want to talk about it." He said. 

I placed my hand on his back and rubbed it. He must be heart broken. I didn't know what happen but I still care for him. 

"Alaina come inside dinner is ready on the table." Mum holding the door open for me. 

"Can Zayn come inside and have dinner with us?" I asked looking worried. 

She nod.

I stood up and Zayn followed me inside. We both sat down at the dinner table. 

No one said a word until Mum broke the silence. 

"So are two together?" She asked. 

I looked over at Zayn we both switch looks. 

"No we're just friends." I say looking down at my plate of food. 

"Um Mrs. Woods Alaina and I were talking and she wants to move out. And not just move out move to live with me. If you don't like that her other choice is her dad." Zayn said. 

I hear a sigh at the other end of the table. I hit Zayn on the arm because I didn't want to discuss it with Mum. My guilt is overdriving me.

"Alaina why do you want to move out." She asked. 

"Because I am old enough to do things, you know make my own choices." I replied. 

"Well if you want to move out I suggest we look for a house instead of staying with someone." She looked over at Zayn making him feel insecure. 


Is this chapter boring or crappy? I'm sorry about even of there are mistakes in it 

I never actually made a Zayn Malik fanfiction before so bare with me I'm trying my best to make it good 

Thanks for the vote it was first one and I wish I could get some more 

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