Drunk (Zayn Malik fanfic)

Alaina gets drunk at a party and wakes up with a total stranger. She doesn't remember what happen the night before but might trace back her mind when she falls in love with the stranger.


4. Chapter 4

  An hour had passed and I begin to get ready for tonights date.   I started the shower and waited for it to heat up just the way I wanted it. I hummed one of my favorite songs as I strip my clothes off.   I stepped into the warm water an it was like with each drop that fell on my head another problem was rinsed down the drain. I rubbed my scalp thoroughly and conditioned my hair until it was smooth like a river.   I washed my body quickly before stepping out of the shower. The glass was fogged up and all I saw was an abstract blur of me.   In my drawer I picked out a set of nice underwear an slipped them on as I continued to hum. I felt very refreshed.   I grabbed a pair of denim washed jeans and purple off the shoulder shirt with a belt. I slipped on a pair of my black converses. I curled my hair into loose ringlets.   Half an hour had passed by and I just finished applying my makeup. The door bell had rung. Mum is still asleep, so she won't know that I am gone.   I walked down the steps slowly, the butterflies swarm around wildly in my stomach and my heartbeat was uneven.   I slowly open the front door and saw Zayn. I offered him a small smile, a gesture in which he returned. I followed him out of the apartment, closing the door behind me and I locked it.   There was nothing there instead of his motorcycle. I shot him a confused look.   "You seem to hate my bike. Or get scared and freaking out riding it, we're walking." He said sheepishly.   I mumble him a thank you before walking. Zayn can be very silent, not one word came out of his mouth when we arrived at club. We walked in and we were greeted by plenty of people.   "Would you like a drink?" Zayn asked after we'd sat down in the corner.   "Sure. I'll have whatever you're getting." I say with a smile.   He walked away and I sat alone until a girl came and sat next to me.   Her hair was up to her shoulders and was in tightly wound ringlets. She had on pink lipstick; the kind that was on my old Barbie dolls when I was younger.   She had perfect white teeth, but her makeup caked her face.   "What's your name?" She asked.   "Alaina." I replied.   "I see you're here with Zayn. Are you two dating?"    "No, we're not dating. I'm on a date with him, but not dating him." I say in a complicated way.   Zayn came back with a bottle of vodka and two glass cups.   "Kim?" He asked surprised.   The red head smiled smugly at him.   "Hey Zayn." She giggles like an idiot.   I got a weird feeling in my stomach. I felt nothing but pure hatred between Kim and Zayn.   "What are you doing here?" I saw Zayn clench his fist.   "I just saw her here all alone and decided to chat for a bit." She smiled at me.   "Nice to meet you." She smirked at me.   "I'll just be going now. It was nice meeting you Alaina." She said through her clenched teeth.   She swayed her hips as she left the room.   I grabbed my drink and chugged it down.   "Who was she?" I asked calmly.   "My ex."   "Why did you guys break up?" I'm getting real curious.   "She broke up with me, because I was in a fight with her boyfriend which she is now engage to. I wouldn't go by her because she makes up lies about me."    "Hey I'll be back." Zayn said.   I nodded before getting up to get another drink.   I slid another shot of burning vodka down my aching throat. I look over at Kim who had an evil smirk prominent on her features. I never drink much but that Kim girl got my blood boiling.   I went over to where Zayn was standing at. He was talking to one of his friends.   "Oh, Who this?" He asked.   "I'm Alaina, I'm Zayn's friend." I say.   "Alaina this is my friend Harry, he is the one who helps me train when I get ready for a fight." I gave Harry a smile, he gesture one towards me.   One of my favorite songs came on the radio, I dance to this song all the time, I wonder if Zayn would dance with me.   "Zayn dance with me." He shot me a confuse look. I grabbed both his hands and brung him to a clear area.   I can see Harry smirking and laughing at Zayn and me. Other people were dancing but weren't paying any attention to me and Zayn.    Zayn seem to be dazed, he thought I was drunk, maybe because I am.   "Alaina stop people are looking." Zayn whispered through his teeth.   "If you come with me will you stop dancing." Once I heard him I stopped in just a heartbeat.   A/N  Does this chapter seem short? It seems a little short to me. I'm sorry if there are any mistakes I'll try to fix them the next time I get online.   Anyways thanks for reading my story i'll update as much as possible before schools starts for me.   I wonder what will happen on the next chapter anyways I need to get started on that    So please comment and vote for my story or even follow me on here i'll follow back promise.   Oh I forgot I'm gonna put all of one directions names in the story so far I only Zayn and Harry three more to go.
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