Drunk (Zayn Malik fanfic)

Alaina gets drunk at a party and wakes up with a total stranger. She doesn't remember what happen the night before but might trace back her mind when she falls in love with the stranger.


2. Chapter 2

"This morning tell me what exactly what happen with you and that boy." Mum demanded. I didn't say anything instead I stared at her with a half smile.

"I don't know exactly but my head was hurting and it still does." I continued, "I um I kinda woke up on his bed with no clothes." 

"What! So you're saying you had sex with him last night." I have shocked her.

"Well I wouldn't say I have sex with him I would say possibly giving myself to him." I say.

Mum stared at me waiting for me to continued.

"I may not have sex with him, because I'm not sure what happened between us." 

"Lets just hope you didn't lose your virginity to him." Mum continued speaking, "You weren't here all night so there is a chance you've lost your virginity." 

I am frustrated and confuse; there wasn't much to tell about last night and this morning. I am worried that I didn't slept with him.

A few seconds later I just remember that I am late for school. I went to my bedroom and picked out an outfit to wear I stripped down to my ankles. I put on my school uniform. I grabbed my purse and phone and left.

"Mum I'm leaving for school!" I yelled at her. I started the car and drove off away from the apartment. 

The bell had already rung when I got to school. First, I jogged up to the office to sign my name in then I went to my locker to get my stuff.

I went up to one of my classes knocking on the door; my teacher always locks the door.

"Miss woods why are you late you are usually never late?" My teacher asked.

"Sorry, I woke up late." I say.

I went to my desk to sit next to my best friend Jessy. 

"You missed three classes, why are you late?" Jessy whispered. 

"I'll tell you at lunch with Hanna." Jessy nod. 


At lunch I sat down with Jessy, we both waited for Hanna to come.

"Last night that party was hot." Hanna said. "Especially that guy you were with."

"Guy? What guy? What was his name?" I asked Hanna.

"Zayn, don't you remember." Hanna said.

"What exactly happen at the party when I was with Zayn?" I pointed at Jessy.

"You were drinking and then the next thing I know you were making out with him." Jessy continues, "Then Zayn said he was taking you to his place. Don't you remember any of this?" She asked. I shook my head no. 

"So Alaina why were you late?" Jessy asked.

"This isn't going to be a good story." I mused quietly.

"Okay I woke up in Zayn's apartment, but the worst thing is I woke up naked in his bed." I say.

"You did what!" Said both Jessy and Hanna.

"Wait you were naked; did you have sex with him? Did you sleep with him?" Hanna was asking a lot of questions.

"Well, I don't remember that much from last night, because I was drunk." I replied. 

"At the party the way that he looked at you looks like he likes you." Jessy say.

"Well, I don't like him back. At the party I did because I was drunk." 

"I need more information about him; tonight I'm going a date with him. But my Mum can't find out, because she doesn't want me near him." I say.

"Alaina give me your phone." I hear Hanna say as I give her my phone.

"Here you go." She said giving back my phone.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"I sent Zayn a smiley face." Hanna replied with a smirk on her face.

"Ugh Hanna I wasn't actually going on a date with him." I was completely upset at Hanna.


Sorry about the short chapter and if it's crappy I'm sorry about that too. I'm gonna try to make it better on the next chapter. Thank you for reading tho I'll try to update as many times as possible. I got a good feeling about this story. 

If you have read my story it would be grateful if you comment and vote or even fan me. If you do follow me I promise i'll follow you back. Thanks :)

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