Give me love (completed!)

''Joey go away please'' I said as I walked away from him. He followed me. He stood infront of me so I couldn't run away from him 'No'' He grinned. He pushed me against a wall and started to kiss me. His lips on mine just wanted to make me puke. It felt so wrong, so digusting. I pushed him away from me and stood there in shock. ''Don't you dare do that again!" I yelled as I tried to walk pass him. ''Mmm...Maybe you wanna kiss me now?'' He frowned as he grabbed a long and silver object out of his bag.

Mikaela and Harry are a couple and they couldn't be happier. When Mikaela and Harry are going on vacation to New York together things are getting worser between them. After a huge fight Mikaela walks in the middle of the night away and there she meets someone from who she wished she would've never meet him....


25. Relieve

Mikaela's POV


I woke up, thinking that everything what had happened last night was all a dream. But then I remembered it actually happened, sending shivers down my spine once again. Would he really do something to Harry? I know he hated Harry so much but killing him was a bit over the top. ''Goodmorning babe'' Harry said as he walked into my room. He kissed my forehead and then walked towards Demi's bed ''Hello sunshine'' He smiled at her. I got tears in my eyes by only seeing how Harry looked at Demi. ''Babe are you crying?'' Harry suddenly spoke up as he walked towards me. I hadn't notice a tear had streamed down my face. A tear of happinnes, but also of fear. I didn't want to lose Harry, not in a million years. I know I had to let him go once, but when we were old. When we had allready spent our whole lives together. ''Just tears of happinnes'' I lied, not wanting to worry him. Just then I got a text message. I quickly grabbed my phone and opened it 


'And don't you dare tell something to Harry or the police! I know where I can find you...' 


My eyes grew wide open after reading the text. ''Who's that?'' Harry asked curious, sitting down next to me. I shrugged my shoulders ''Just Louis, asking if it's okay if he can come today together with El'' I lied again. He kissed me softly ''That should be fun'' 

Just then a doctor walked in ''Mikaela I have good news!'' He said. I looked at him curious, waiting for him to continue. ''You and Demi can go home today!'' I smiled at the doctor and then turned around to Harry ''Congrats babe'' He smiled. ''Thanks honey'' I smiled back, As the doctor left I lay with my head on Harry's chest. We sat like that for a few minutes untill Demi started crying. ''I'll go'' I sighed as I wanted to stood up, but Harry stood up too. ''No it's okay'' He said ''Go pack your stuff and I'll go to her'' I smiled at him ''Thanks'' As I walked towards my stuff I thought about the fact that I couldn't go to the police. What do I have to do then? I turned around to see Harry standing there with Demi in his arms. She cried softly but when Harry began to sang quietly, she stopped crying. I smiled. Harry was such a great dad, I couldn't let anything happen to him. This was all my fault. It was my fault that I went with Joey to his house. It was my fault that I got drunk. It was my fault that I pregnant, maybe from him. It was my fault, so I had to protect Harry for Joey.

*1 week later*


Mikaela's POV

I was sitting in the livingroom of Harry's and mine house, together with the boys, El, Nana and Harry. Harry had an envelop infront of him with the results of the DNA test. I sighed ''So this is it'' I said, turning around to Harry 'Do you want to open it?'' I asked. He nodded ''Yeah okay..'' As he opened the envelop my heart started beating so fast. This was the moment of truth. Now I would know if it was Harry's, or Joey's baby. Everyone came and sat around Harry. Harry was reading the letter and I was sitting next to him, reading the letter too. Everyone was really quiet, they were all waiting for the results. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the word 'The DNA test shows that...' I quickly continued reading and then I sighed of relieve when I saw 11 words. Seeing those 11 words made me jump of happinnes. Those 11 words were the words that I wanted to read so badly;
'The DNA test shows that Harold Edward Styles is the father..' 

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