Give me love (completed!)

''Joey go away please'' I said as I walked away from him. He followed me. He stood infront of me so I couldn't run away from him 'No'' He grinned. He pushed me against a wall and started to kiss me. His lips on mine just wanted to make me puke. It felt so wrong, so digusting. I pushed him away from me and stood there in shock. ''Don't you dare do that again!" I yelled as I tried to walk pass him. ''Mmm...Maybe you wanna kiss me now?'' He frowned as he grabbed a long and silver object out of his bag.

Mikaela and Harry are a couple and they couldn't be happier. When Mikaela and Harry are going on vacation to New York together things are getting worser between them. After a huge fight Mikaela walks in the middle of the night away and there she meets someone from who she wished she would've never meet him....


5. Phone call and the kiss

Mikaela's POV

I woke up the next morning and I was a little bit confused. I looked around me and suddenly the memories came back; I was at Joey's house after a fight with Harry. I sighed and threw my legs over the edge of the bed. How could Harry cheat on me? I thought he was happy with me. I didn't notice that tears streamed down my face untill I felt my leg got wet. I quickly wipped my tears away and grabbed my phone. ''Great'' I mumbled when I saw I had 9 missed calls all from Harry and 10 text messaged which were 9 from Harry. I opened the text message which wasn't from Harry and I smiled. The text message was from NaNa. NaNa was my sister and she was one year older then me but she was like my best friend. We grew up together and we were always together. After I introduced her to Harry a few years ago they became best friends. She could also get on very well with Niall. I thought she was in love with him even though she knew she couldn't be in love with him because Niall was with a girl called Myriam. I opened the text message and began to read 'Hii Mika! How's New York? Just wanted to let you know I miss you very very very much. Oh and the boys are yelling that I have to text you that they miss you too :p Hope your enjoying there? Kisses from your sister NaNa' I smiled after I was done reading. I had to tell her. I had to tell her about me and Harry. I scrolled threw my contacts and stopped at NaNa's name. I pressed the dial button and I waited too hear that familiar voice. ''Hello?'' I suddenly heard. ''NANA!'' I yelled. ''MIKAELA!'' She screamed back. A smile appeared on my face as soon as I heard her voice and I knew she was smiling too. ''How are you sissy?'' She asked. I sighed ''Do I have to be honest with you?'' I knew that she knew now there was something going on. ''Mika tell me what's wrong please'' She whispered. Suddenly my happinnes changed into sadness and tears started to fill my eyes. ''He cheated on me Nana'' I whispered. ''Oh Mikaela...'' She sighed. She probably didn't knew what to say to me. She knew I was so upset. ''Mika you two will be fine...Trust me...'' She said. ''How do you know?'' I soflty sobbed. ''It won't be allright Nana...'' ''I just know you will be fine. I know you'll end up in Harry's arms because you two love eachother so much and you'll always get back together.'' She answered. A tear streamed down my face as I whispered ''Thanks Nana...'' ''And now be happy okay? Go and have some fun in New York...I have too go now... I would meet Niall in like 10 minutes...'' She said. ''Say too him that I miss him okay?'' I said. ''I will Mika...Talk to you later! Love you'' She answered. ''Love you too'' I whispered before I pressed the end button. I sighed and stood up from my bed. I put on my clothes and walked into the kitchen to make myself some breakfast. ''Goodmorning beauty'' I heard a voice say from behind. I turned around and I saw Joey standing there. ''Goodmorning'' I smiled. He walked towards the couch ''I was planning to go to a club tonight...Wanna join me?'' He said as he sat down. I nodded ''Sounds fun''

~That evening at 11 pm ~ 

 I was looking threw my clothes to look for something I could wear to the club. Joey went to the hotel Harry was staying at to pick my clothes up a few hours ago. He told me Harry was all smiling and dressed up, probably too see Emma. I was so upset and angry about that but I decided that I wouldn't care anymore. Harry and I we're over. I saw a red dress laying on the ground and I picked it up. Harry had bought that dress for me after I got out of the hospital. Tears filled my eyes again and no matter how hard I tried not to care about him, I just couldn't stop caring about him. He meant the world too me and I just couldn't stop thinking about him. I sighed and quickly grabbed a blue dress. I put it on and quickly did my make up. ''JOEY I'M DONE!" I yelled after I was finished. I walked towards the front door and Joey walked towards me. He wore jeans and a black t-shirt but he looked so cute and beautiful. I quickly reminded myself that I couldn't fall in love. Not now, it was too early. ''You look beautiful'' He whispered. I smiled shyly at him and he opened the door for me. Together we walked towards the club, ready for an amazing night.

~A few hours later~  

''Joey I'm tired!!! I'm going home!!!"' I yelled over the music. He nodded ''I'm coming too!!'' He yelled back. Together we walked out of the club, completely drunk. We stumbled home and sometimes we had to sit down because we were to drunk to walk without falling on the ground every 2 minutes. I giggled when Joey felt over a rock and fell on the ground. ''Your so clumpsy'' I laughed. He got up again. When we were finally home we walked into the livingroom. ''Mikaelaaaaa'' He said, saying the 'a' so long. ''Joeeeeyyy'' I giggled. He walked towards me. He pushed me against the wall and stood right infront of me ''I wanna kiss you sooo badly'' He whispered. I could smell the alcohol in his breath and before I knew what I was actually doing I pulled him in and kissed his soft lips. 

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