Give me love (completed!)

''Joey go away please'' I said as I walked away from him. He followed me. He stood infront of me so I couldn't run away from him 'No'' He grinned. He pushed me against a wall and started to kiss me. His lips on mine just wanted to make me puke. It felt so wrong, so digusting. I pushed him away from me and stood there in shock. ''Don't you dare do that again!" I yelled as I tried to walk pass him. ''Mmm...Maybe you wanna kiss me now?'' He frowned as he grabbed a long and silver object out of his bag.

Mikaela and Harry are a couple and they couldn't be happier. When Mikaela and Harry are going on vacation to New York together things are getting worser between them. After a huge fight Mikaela walks in the middle of the night away and there she meets someone from who she wished she would've never meet him....


38. Perfect song, for a perfect day (FINAL CHAPTER!)

Mikaela's POV


''How do I look?'' I smiled as I turned around infront of the mirror. I was wearing my wedding dress and Eleanor, Nana and some other girls had just done my hair and make-up. I couldn't believe that I could actually feel beautiful for once. ''You look beautiful Mika'' Eleanor smiled as she pulled me in for a hug. Just then I heard a knock on the door. ''Yeh!?'' I asked, not knowing who was on the other side of the door. ''Hey hunny!'' I heard Anne ''Can I come in?'' ''Yeh sure!'' I answered. The door opened but anna stood still in the door opening. ''Mikaela'' She gasped. I turned around towards her. ''Do you like it?'' She now started moving out of the door opening, towards me ''Do I like it? You look beautiful Mikaela!'' She also pulled me into a hug. After she pulled me away, she looked into my eyes. ''C'mon sweetheart'' She grabbed me by my arm ''I have a surprise for you'' I heard the girls giggle on the background. I looked curious around.


Anne pulled me with her towards the hall. ''But what if Harry sees me?'' I asked as she pushed me threw the door opening. ''Don't worry about that sweetheart, the boys are distracting him'' Right when I walked into the hallway, My mounth fell open from shock.''Mum! Dad!'' I ran towards them, tears in my eyes now. ''I thought you couldn't come because of grandma!'' My grandma wasn't doing really well, so my parents stayed at her 24 hours a day, scared that something might happen. I pulled them into a hug. As we were hugging my mum whispered in my ear ''How could we miss our daughter's wedding?'' I grinned at her as I pulled my dad in for a hug. ''You look gorgeous'' He whispered. I could feel a tear fall on my shoulder. I had never seen him cry before, just once when my grandma passed away. ''Don't worry dad'' I whispered ''I will always be your little girl'' He backed away from the hug ''I know that honey, I know that''


''Mikaela it's time'' I heard a voice from behind me. I nodded as I grabbed my father's arm. He smiled at me. I was so nervous, yet so excited. I had been waiting for this day my whole life. As everbody took a sit, I heard background music play: 'Give me love' by Ed Sheeran but this time the acoustic version. I smiled, perfect song for a perfect day. The doors opened and I slowly walked down the aisle. Everyone's face turned around and looked at me as I walked towards my soon to be husband. I smiled as I saw Harry standing there, he looked so handsome with his suit and tie. He smiled so brightly and I knew he felt just as excited as I felt.


As we came at the front, my dad gave me away to Harry. He nodded towards Harry, like he was saying 'Take care of her'. Harry nodded back at him. We took eachothers hands and turned around to eachother, smiling. ''Welcome, today we came here together for the marriage of Harry Edward Styles and Mikaela Gabrielle Struik'' I didn't hear anything else anymore because I got so lost in Harry's eyes. Suddenly Harry's lips began to move as he said ''I do''. I finally payed attention again at the ceremony. ''Mikaela Gabrielle Struik, Do you take Harry Edward Styles as your lawfully wedded husband?'' I turned around and started into Harry's twinkeling eyes. I smiled and looked down at our hands. ''I do'' As I looked up again, I saw Harry smiling and winking at me. I giggled quietly as I winked back at him. ''I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride'' I think Harry had been waiting to hear those words for the whole day, because he immediately leaned in forward. I still felt butterflies everytime his soft lips touched mine, but this time it seemed to be 3 times as much as normally. He kissed me so passionately, and it just seemed like we were the only two people there, but I knew we weren't by the sound of clapping. He pulled away from the kiss and looked into my eyes ''We did it baby'' He grinned. I smiled ''I still can't believe we actually did it'' ''Me neither mrs. Styles, me neither'' He grabbed my hand and we turned around to see everyone cheering and clapping. I looked and saw the the boys, Nana and Eleanor cheering and jumping. Niall and Nana were holding hands as they were jumping. I winked at Nana. She smiled back at me. I turned around towards my mum and saw she was holding Demi. I heard her say something like ''Mummy'' as she wanted to ran towards us. I laughed at her, and blew her a kiss. Harry and I walked passed everyone and as we walked outside, we were blinded by paparazzi lights, but for once I didn't matter. Everyone could see how happy we were, how I was now mrs. Styles. They all could see how we all made it threw all the drama which happened, how we fought us threw it and how we still ended up happily ever after. And we all did that together.



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