Little Best Friends

Francesca's life is turned upside down when her parents announce they are moving from California to England. She thinks her new life is going to be boring until she meets up with her cousins. Being introduced to her cousins friends, she realises who they are and her new life becomes a lot more exciting and romantic.


4. The Date.


*The next week*

What to wear, what to wear... I couldn't decide what to wear on my date with Niall, everything looked either too shabby, or too formal. Urgh. I wish I had a friend in England to help me pick out a perfect outfit! I paced and paced my room and finally decided on a pale pink dress, baby blue heels and a green hairband with butterfly's on the edges. I went into my en-suite bathroom, I loved it, the taps had dolphins on them! I plucked my eyebrows carefully and at the last moment decided to curl my eyelashes. I threw on some makeup, keeping it simple with foundation, eye shadow, mascara and a quick swipe of lipgloss! It was Niall Horan for gods sake, I had to look great!



I was so nervous I felt sick. I was about to go on a date with this incredibly beautiful girl. Her red hair fell perfectly over her tanned shoulders and her green eyes stuck out in  a crowd. Just thinking about her made me happy.

"Hey good luck dude, hope all goes well," said Liam kindly barging into the room followed by an excited Louis and Harry who looked like they were in some kind of play fight, pulling each others hair and slapping each others behinds.

"Yeah, hope you pull Niall." Harry told me. "Shouldn't you go get dressed?" He added.

"I am dressed..." I answered. I felt a bit put out. I had spent a while picking this outfit, red top and light brown chinos. I didn't want to look too fancy, in case Francesca was just wearing jeans.

"Oh.. well you look great man!" Harry called while backing out the room. Louis followed him giggling and slapping the air.

"Don't listen to them Niall. You do look good. Not to shabby, but not to formal." I smiled at Liam and looked at the clock.

"Oh shit. I was meant to pick her up 10 minutes ago! Bye Liam!" I shouted while running through the door. I picked up my keys and hurried to my new BMW. God I hope she hasn't given up on me. Please still be waiting. Please. Please. Please.


Where is he? I was paced around and around the dining room at the front of the house, waiting for Niall. My Mom came in and gave me a sympathetic glance.

"He is coming Mom! Don't look at me like that!" I said annoyed.

"I believe you sweetie. Its just, he's a very famous boy and you're only 17..." Her voice drifted off towards the end of her sentence.

I sighed annoyed and look out the window again. It wasn't like I hadn't thought about all of this myself. I knew there was a chance he was just pulling my leg and would never have anything to do with me. I knew that, but I just thought...


*15 minutes later*

I finally got to her house almost half an hour late. I saw her running down her garden path, looking absolutely gorgeous in a pink dress. My eyes were drawn to her fabulous body. She got into my car and smiled at me. I took in her smell. All of a sudden, my car went from smelling like a teenage boys car to smelling like a beautiful flower shop. We talked about everything and anything until we got to the restaurant.


The restaurant was fabulous. Roses on every table as centre pieces and a little jazz band playing away in the corner. I wanted to be able to close my eyes and just take a mental picture. The waitress came up and took our order, and as she was walking she gasped when she realised who her customer was.

"H- Hi. I'm Charlotte I will be your waitress for the evening. Could I interest you two in some drinks?" She asked kindly, staring at Niall the whole time.

" Diet coke for me please," answered Niall, smiling. "What about you beautiful?" He asked me.

I blushed and ordered the same as Niall. It was just then I realised it was only us in the restaurant.

"Niall, did you book out the whole restaurant?" I asked him feeling warm inside. This was the first time somebody had done something nice like this for me.

"Well I wanted it to be special" He answered me looking down at the table.

"Its the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me," I said taking his hand across the table.

He smiled and kissed my hand.





A/N - What do you think so far? I know I haven't updated in absolute ages, I actually completely forgot about the story! Anyway, there's a space open for Zayn's girlfriend, so leave your name, age, personality and looks in the comments! The winner will be announced soon! If there is no entries as this book doesn't have many reads, I will just make up a character! Thanks for reading and remember, like and fav!:)


Hannah x

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