Little Best Friends

Francesca's life is turned upside down when her parents announce they are moving from California to England. She thinks her new life is going to be boring until she meets up with her cousins. Being introduced to her cousins friends, she realises who they are and her new life becomes a lot more exciting and romantic.


2. Moving.

"England? But... but that's ages away!" I exclaimed angrily. How could I move to England? I was just coming up to my senior year of high school! All my friends were here, not to mention Tony. Tony was our gardener, but boy was he attractive! "Yes I know that, Francesca. But its London. That's the busiest part of England. And don't those boys you love so much live there? What are they, Two Direction?" my Mom said, trying to win me over. "Its ONE Direction. And as if they would be wandering around London talking to girls like me." As I said this though, my Mom's comment was rushing through my head and even through I tried to get rid of it I couldn't. What if I could meet One Direction in London? Then I wouldn't have to bother about that stupid competition! "Okay then. But only if Simon's room isn't anywhere near mine." Right now my annoying 12 year old brother's room was right next to mine and I could hear him at all hours, talking away on that stupid Xbox of his to his friends. "Very well," my Mom agreed.

"England?" My best friend Collette asked disgustingly. "Dude, that sucks!" I laughed at Collette's negative attitude and tried to convince her. " Yeah I know it does... But Collette, you know who lives in England right?" "Uh... the Queen? answered Collette stupidly. I sighed. I loved Collette, but she was hard work sometimes! "No Collette! One Direction!" "Oh dude, that's pretty cool then!" she finally answered after a moments pause. " When are you going then?" she added. I gulped and took a deep breath. "Two weeks" I said weakly.

* Two weeks later*

I squeezed my eyes shut and put my fingers in my ears, sucking desperately at my Mento sweet trying to stop my ears popping. "Francesca sweetie, we are in the air now" My Mom was shaking me cutting me out of my little trance. "Oh". Beside me, Simon started playing on his Nintendo shaking it around and occasionally hitting me on the head. I had pulled the short straw, and had to sit next to Simon on the plane. Dad, the luckiest one of all, somehow got upgraded to First Class so he was sitting very comfortably up there, while we were left to sit crammed back here. "How long is this flight Mom?" I asked, desperately wanting her to say about 4 hours. "About 12 hours sweetie." 12 hours? 12 hours stuck sitting next to the rat that is my brother? He smells like a gorilla enclosure that has been left unattended for 2 weeks. Urrggg. This was going to be a very long flight.


A/N- Sorry about the very short chapters. I will try to make them longer when I get further into the story! Thanks for reading, and if you liked it, tell your friends!:)

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