Lost In Love

Loren Tate was once a regular 18 year old girl now she is an uprising superstar and dating 22 year old rock star Eddie Duran they were lost in love! But that didn't stop them from making beautiful music together!


3. Is She Okay?

Eddie's POV

I was still at the hospital waiting everyone went home to get some rest because it was late. A few hours later a doctor came asked for the family of Loren Tate I got up and walked to him

Me-Is she okay?

Doctor-She will be fine just a broken leg, a minor cunctation, and few bumps and bruises!

Me-Can I see her?

Doctor-Yes follow me

I followed him into Loren's room and he left I sat down in a chair next to her bed and grabbed her hand then she woke up



Me-I'm glad your okay!

Loren-So am I? Did anyone come?

Me-Yeah! Pops, Nora, Mel, Jake, and Kelly they left to get some rest


Me-You know if I could redo that accident 1000 times I would redo it 999 times

Loren-What about the last time?

Me-We never would have left that bungalow!

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