A Little Blessing

This is story about 1D after everyone has settled down a bit. I've personally haven't fanfics that are their married life I guess so I'm gonna give this a shot. The characters are me and my best friends and some other people. But please don't judge me too bad on this. This is my first movella. Pretty with a cherry on top no hate.


1. Introduction

A/N this is just explaining some characters personalities. 


 Hannah (me!) 

fav colour: green

eye colour: brown

hair colour: dirty / golden blonde 

personality : fun, crazy, funny, sarcastic, hungry, shy ,and caring

Husband : Niall 

Nickname: Hamm



fav colour: purple

eye colour : blue

hair colour: blonde with brown underneath 

personality: responsible, bubbly,  smart,  crazy,  caring, kind ,and awesome

nickname: lee












fav colour: pink

eye colour: hazel/ brown

hair colour: light brown

personality: crazy, outgoing, good, hyper, sweet, kind, and caring. 

Nickname: Kenzie



fav colour: red 

eye colour: brown

hair colour: Dark brown

personality: bright, out going, crazy, fun, funny, and awesome

Husband: Louis

Nickname: Brit



fav colour: blue

eye colour: ocean blue

hair colour: honey brown

personality: smart, bookworm, energetic, kind, caring, trustworthy, and crazy 

Husband : Zayn

Nickname:  Lil buddyl



fav colour: blue

eye colour: brown







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