"My biggest fear is that eventually you will see me the way I see myself."


8. 5


Chapter Five

     After Harry dropped me off home, I continued to talk to him over the phone by texting. After talking for a while, I find out that he would be leaving on Friday, which is two days away. However, neither of us know if we will see each other again one last time before he leaves to go back on tour again. 

     I don't hear from Harry at all the next day, fearing that I scared him away with my own fears and paranoia about my weight. With a loss of motivation, I stay in my room all day, once again, until I hear the doorbell ring from upstairs. After two more rings, I realize that no one wants to answer the door. Walking halfway down the stairs to answer the door, my mom opens it. Surprisingly, Harry walks in, kindly greeting my mom, and oblivious to the fact that I'm standing on the stairs. 

     "Mrs. Weathers, I was wondering if I could talk to you and your husband. It's very important," I hear Harry say, while I hide behind the wall. I'm assuming my mom agrees, as she leads him to the living room to sit down. I go unnoticed by the two of them, and continue to quietly hide in back of the wall, wondering what Harry has to say. 

     Once they walk in the living room and pass the staircase, I peak from the back of the wall. My dad walks in shortly after and shakes Harry's hand, after he stands up from his seat. "Mr. and Mrs. Weathers," Harry begins to say, after the usual greeting, "As you know, I've spent some time with your daughter, and I've noticed something." My eyes go wide, at what I fear he is about to say next. 

    "What is it?" my mom asks, with a slightly concerned voice.

    "What does Haven do at home?" Harry answers with a question.

     My mom looks over at my dad confusedly before answering. "She usually spends her time in her room," my mom shrugs, "Why? Is there something wrong?" 

    "Do you ever see her eat?" He asks, making my parents look at each other with confused looks on their faces. Meanwhile, my eyes go even wider at his question. I quickly run down the rest of the stairs to stop the conversation, fearing where it's headed. 

    "Haven!" Harry quickly stands up from his seat, clearly surprised, with a hopeful smile on his face.

    "What do you think you're doing?" I ask him angrily.

    "Haven, please," he begins to say, putting his hands in front of him and his smile now completely wiped from his face. "You need to understand. This is serious," he continues, with a pleading look.

    "Harry, I trusted you." 

    "Trusted him with what?" my mom asks, standing up, while my father quietly watches with scrutinizing eyes. 

    "Mr. and Mrs. Weathers," Harry starts, looking between me and my parents, "Haven doesn't eat. As in she starves herself," he blurts out between his teeth, while looking at me in anger. 

    "Get out!" I yell, pointing to the door. He was going to ruin everything. Because of him, I was going to be fat again. Everything would go all wrong if my parents believed him. 

   "W-what's going on here? Haven, honey, please calm down," my mom says, putting her hands on my shoulders, in a poor attempt to calm me down. 

   "No! Harry, I don't need your help, get out," I repeat, pushing my mom's hands off of me.

   He looks at me for a while, his eyes scanning over my face, his mouth open in shock. "No. No," he says stubbornly, shaking his head. "No, I won't leave because you need help."

   "Excuse me?" 

   "You need to see someone about this," he says looking at me, "Listen, I went to a psychologist yesterday and --"

   "You what?! What do you care?! This is my business, not yours!" I scream in shock.

   "Haven, you need to understand. You could have a serious eating disorder!"

   "Shut up!" I yell, closing my ears with the palms of my hands. "Shut up, shut up, shut up!" 

   "Haven --" he says quietly.

   "I think my daughter is completely fine," my dad says, finally standing up from his chair. Harry looks at him in shock, not believing his ears, while I do the same. I at least, would have thought that they would have believed him.

   "What?" Harry asks surprised, narrowing his  eyes. 

   "She looks healthy to me, and if there was something wrong, she would have told us. Listen, Harry, I know you're probably concerned, but she's fine," my dad says confidently, trying to reassure him. Tears spring in the corners of my eyes, as I realize that my own parents could barely even see the pain that I felt. 

   Harry looks at me questioningly. "Get out Harry," I whisper, while looking down, feeling shocked, angry, confused, but most of all, defeated.

   "Fine," he says loudly, "Just don't be surprised if you find her dead one day." And with that, he pushes past me and walks out the door, leaving both my parents and me in undeniable shock and slight fear. 















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