One Mistake Changed My Whole Life!

Ava is 15 years old. She is in high school year 10 and she is loving it. One night she got a text from her best friend saying ‘Come to a party with me. Ill be at yours in 15 minutes be ready’. Eva got ready and climb out her window. What will happen to Ava that night!? Will her life ever be the same!?


2. Chapter 2!


Chapter 2-

Avas POV-

It was a Friday night, there was nothing to do, I would check my phone every known again to see if i had got a text from anyone but with my luck I hadn’t, annoyed and irritated I made my way up to my way up to my room where yet again I had nothing better to do, I’m never aloud out it’s as if my parents don’t want me to have a normal life like every other teenager, it’s as if the it’s as if the gods above were hearing my mental cries to help my because almost instantly I had got a text saying: Block party, tonight, midnight at grace avenue,  everyone is invited, I thought to myself if I should go or not, if my parents catch me I would be dead and I mean literally dead, but I’m 16 and I think one party won’t hurt, as long as they don’t catch me sneaking back inside. I put on a tight black lace dress that goes half way up my thighs and dark black stockings with black ballet flats, I swung my legs over the window and shoved my phone into my pocket, I caught hold of the bar beside my window and slowly made my way down, my feet landed on the deck in the backyard and then I started to walk to grace avenue, luckily it was just 2 blocks away from where I lived so I don’t have to walk that far. When I arrived there I made my way through all the sweaty bodies to find Avery, my best friend with to beers in her hand, she handed me one and I looked at her with the 'what’s this for' look. " You wanna let loose tonight don’t you, well then start by drinking this" I nodded and took a swig of the beer, it tasted horrible but I kept drinking it. It has been about 2 hours since I first got here and I had no idea how many drinks I had, had, but my vision was starting to get real blurry. I was still with Zoe and we were looking at all the people dancing against each other. "Hey beautiful" I turned my head around to see a guy with dirty blonde hair and I must say he was pretty hot. "hey" I simply replied "wanna dance with me" I looked over at Avery to see if it was alright and see nodded and pushed me forward to the guy, I smiled and her and mouthed thanks. "So what’s your name beautiful?" "uhh Ava" " nice name, I’m Niall" I nodded and we continued to dance. I felt him grab onto my wrist and pull me through all the sweaty people dancing, we made our way upstairs into a room, he shut the door and locked it and then pulled me over to a bed, his face came closer and closer to mine as he stared to kiss me none stop, at first I didn't kiss back but eventually I did, we broke apart breathing heavily.  "You’re a virgin love" I nodded and his lips pulled into a grin. He pushed me back onto the bed and hovered over the top of me still kissing me. He fell down beside me both of us breathing heavily from the previous events, I climbed out of bed and put my clothes on and he did the same, I fixed my hair so it looked half decent and made my way down stairs with mason close behind me. I spotted Avery still in the same spot so I made my way over to her. "Where have you been!?" "Dancing but I’m going to go home now, it’s getting really late, bye" I hugged her goodbye and turned to Niall. “Want a ride?" I nodded even though we are both drunk I don’t want to be walking home. When I got home I made my way up into my room through my window where I changed into sweats and a tank top, I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes eventually falling asleep.


Avery’s POV-

After Ava left with that nice looking guy, I must say myself, I didn’t know what to do. So I started dancing with some guys dancing. After about an hour or so Ava finally comes back from where ever she was. ‘Where have you been!?’ I asked. ‘Dancing but I’m going home now, it’s getting really late, bye’ she gave me a quick hug goodbye and went to walk out but that guy was behind her, what is he like glued to her!? That guy asked Ava if she wanted a lift and she said nodded. Why did she just ask me for a lift if she didn’t want to walk? I am meant to be her best friend and she gets a lift from a guy that she doesn’t even know. That made me really shitty, but instead of talking to her I just went and drank more. By the end of the night I had no idea where I was and what the hell I was doing.

*The Next Day*

I woke up with the biggest head ace and I can’t work out why. Next thing I hear my phone ringing, grr why does that thing have to make so much noise!? I thought to myself before answering it not even looking to see who it was.

‘Hello!?’ I said coming out as a question.

‘Hey girl, how you feeling’ Ava said with a truck load of energy.

‘I have the biggest head ace and I don’t even remember what I even did to get the head ace I just woke up with it.’ I told her.

‘How much did you drink?’ she asked.

‘What are you talking about!?’ I asked her back.

‘Avery you send me a text last night and told me that we have to go to this party so I sneaked out and went to the party with you we were dancing and then I went and danced with this hot guy and then after a while I went back to you and said I was going.’ She told me all with one breath.

‘Oh now it all coming back to me. And that reminds me what were you doing with that guy!?’ I said/asked her.

‘We were dancing.’ She lies to me. I know exactly what they were doing, and that’s not good for little kids. Hehe

‘Oh yeah. Dancing!!’ I said.

‘Fine we weren’t. But I’m not going to tell you over the phone so how about we meet up for coffee in about an hour!?’ she asked me.

‘Yeah yeah okay’ I said.

‘Okay see you soon’ she said, then hung up.

 Today is going to be a big day with this fucking head ace, I thought to myself.


Niall’s POV-

OMG that was the best night of my life, I really didn’t think that Ava would be a virgin but hey she agreed to doing it and she was really hot so nothing it going to stop me now.

I was a little drunk but it’s not like I didn’t know what I was doing and Ava looked like she knew exactly what she was doing.

Everything went so fast that night and when I took Ava home she ran to the side of her house. You could tell that she has climbed out her window to get to this party and now needs to climb back in to get back into her room without her parents finding out.


Right at the moment I would love to see Ava again. She seems like the nicest girl that was at the party out of maybe 300-400 people. And now I even know her name so if I really want to see her I can just turn up on her door step but then again what if her parents are strict? And what if they won’t let her come out of the house ever again because she snuck out her window to go to party and that’s where she meet me. I don’t want her to get into trouble that would be so mean because I only just meet her and if I want to get closer to her that would never happen because she will never want to see me again and that’s not what I want.


If you guys have any questions just ask them and I will answer all in a new update. (:


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