The boy who saved my life.

Camryn was a self harmer. She was alone. She was depressed. She decided to leave for good. Who will save her? Read to find out. (P.S. t]his is my first story so if you liked it please like it and if you want a personal one, tell me what your name is, your apperance, age, and about you. Thamks xx


4. The kiss.

                                             *Camryn's POV

                 I wake up at lunch time. Why did i sleep this late?? I got up and went to Niall's room. He was on his laptop. "Hey" "Hey, gorgeous. Whatcha up to?" "Just woke up, you" "Just on twitter, what do you want to do today?" "hmmm..... Maybe bake good stuff? Or go swimming." "I say we go swimming and then later tonight we will bake cookies and cake and brownies. sound good?" "YES!" "Now go get changed to your bathing suit and meet me in the back yard." I got up and went to my room. I got my baby blue bathing suit and out it on. I grabbed a towel and put on my black flip flops and sunglasses. I brushed my hair and took off any remaining makeup from yesterday. I put on some sunscreen and grabbed my tanning lotion and a water. i went out to the backyard and Niall was waiting on the sunbed. 

                                             *Niall's POV

                 I was waiting for Camryn on one of the sunbeds. She finally came out. She was in this gorgeous baby blue bathing suit. She looked so gorgeous as usuall. "Hey, ready to swim?" "Yeah, Lets go!" I  ran and jumped into the pool. Camryn took off her flip flops and put her towel down. She jumped in. She came back up but i went under. "Niall?" I gabbed her leg and pulled her down she opened her eyes and seen me and smiled. I smiled back. Our faces were really close. I gabbed the face and put my lips on hers. It wasn't long because i needed air. She came up with me. She smiled at me and kissed me,. It was so magical. There were so many sparks. I pulled away and splashed her. We had a splashing war and then decided to take a break. We then went inside and got changed and started baking. 

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