You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



41. Welcome

Jenna's POV

When we woke up the next day , I checked the video and there was like 10,000 views already ! Like Oh my gosh!

I went downstairs and saw everybody there . Like they were waiting for me to wake up or something.

"took you long enough" L chuckled.

"I'm sorry " I walked over to Niall and sat on his lap. " So what are we talking about ?" I asked

"Well , The boys have to tell us some 'news' or something" Sinay answered.

"I don't think you girls are ready for this" Niall's Irish accent bellowed through the room . His accent is so cute ! He's so cute !

"We're totes ready !" L said . very preppy by the way . That caused all of us to start laughing. 

"Don't ever do that again love" Harry said to L.

"Fine if I can't do that I wont.." she said , but the rest she whispered in his ear . I could tell it was something about sex because his little friend decided to pop up.

"I love you" he said desperately .

"mmhm" she said grabbing him and started to kiss . 

 "Okay guys no PDA please !" Liam said . He looked irritated. 

"Well, someone is in a bad mood today" Jennifer mumbled.

"I don't know maybe because the girl that I like is stuck with someone who she doesn't even love !" Liam screamed at Jennifer . Liam stood up from the couch.

"Hey ! That's my girlfriend you just yelled at ! What's wrong with you ?!" 

"Hm, okay . Luke , do you love Jennifer ?" He said with an irritated face.

"yes , I do love her" Luke said holding a crying Jennifer. 

oh gosh , is he gonna put her on the spot?

"Now , Jennifer , do you Love Luke?" He said impatiently.

Jennifer opened her mouth as if to say something . but then she closed it and stayed silent.

"Exactly" he said storming out.

Jennifer started crying even more because of that. Luke just held her and kissed her forehead once in a while. 

"Luke , i'm sorry , but I just , I don't love you . I just , I like you like , a lot." she said with a shushed voice.

"It's okay babe" Luke said . He rubbed her back and calmed her down a bit. 

"So , uh , does anyone wanna say the good news now? " Larriza asked uncomfortably .

"Oh yeah !" Niall started

"Well , we showed Uncle Si the YouTube video and.." Zayn started

"HE WANTS YOU TO COME ON TOUR WITH US !" Louis screamed ! 

"What ?!"Sinay said surprised

"Really ?!" Alondra said with eagerness

"Holy shit !"Larriza said not putting her foot in her mouth.

"Oh my god "I said quietly.

"What's wrong babe? Aren't you happy?" Niall asked me.

"Yeah , of coarse I am , it's just , i'm not to keen about performing in front of so many people." I said nervously

"You should do it Jenna ! I mean , you spoke at our 8th grade promotion ." Larriza said

"Well , it wasn't that many people." I argued

"It was the whole gym and like 300 more 8th graders " she said raising her eyebrow.

"Oh .. fine then" 

"Woohoo !" Everyone cheered.

"Okay , get ready , you guys have a meeting with Uncle Si in an hour . Dress formal !"Harry said. 

I went upstairs and I evaluated my closet for a good 5 minutes still not knowing what i'm gonna wear. Niall walked into the room and watched as I loved everything in my closet around . 

"Babe , go wash up , i'll pick an outfit for you!" He said excited

"Are you sure Ni ?" I questioned

"positive ! Now go get washed !" i walked into the bathroom and took a shower. After , I curled my hair and put on light makeup

When I got out , I saw clothes on the bed and a smiling Niall. 

I walked to the bed and evaluated the clothes.

He has a whit crop bustier with a black high low. and some peach high heels . 

He set out some Jewelry too. A ring with a bird on it , a necklace with a circle ring on it, and black rose earrings . 

I put it on and I looked to a very interested Niall.

"So Niall, when did you become a fashion designer ?" I laughed

"Babe  GET ON MY LEVEL" he said clapping his hands.

"Shut up" i said grabbing him and pulling him to my lips . 

"I love you" he said

"yes you do" i said kissing him.

Alondra's POV

I went into Larriza's room to look for clothes because the whole 'formal' thing isn't my style. So while she's downstairs sucking faces with her boy toy , I will be getting ready . 

I looked through her closet like 30 times . Like what the heck ?! It's all either strapless , short , punk, and colorful ! 

Ugh . 

Ohh, i push all the way in the back where there are a bunch of boxes labeled "PRIVATE" . I wonder what's in there . I'm not gonna look !

I'm just gonna go through her clothes .

Finally , I found something decent ! I found a pink dress with lace . And thank goodness she has pink heels. I put that on and looked through my plugs and found pink heart plugs ! Then , my heart necklace. I put my hair into an up do then did neutral makeup . 

As I was leaving the room , 




lol , just kidding . No , if that were to happen , they'd both be dead . 

Anyway , I walked outside of her room and bumped into Louis 

"Shit , sorry" he cursed stepping back . 

I felt his eyes rake up and down my body . 

"Enjoy the view ?" I asked him

"mmhm" he said checking me out 

"Stop it " I smacked his arm

"I'm sorry ! But babe , can I say . You look smokin' hot right now !" he said pulling me closer towards him . 

He places his hand at the small of my back and his other was stroking my cheek . 

"You're beautiful" he said with a light voice . What do you know . Only two words can make me melt inside .

"You're not to bad yourself" I said shyly

He placed his hand on my chin and lifted my head up to look at him 

"Don't by shy love " he said placing a sweet kiss on my lips . 

He then let go of me and walked away 

"TEASE !" I screamed . 

he turned around and opened his arms 

I ran to him and jumped in his arms and he carried me bridal style all the way tot he living room.

Larriza's POV

I stayed downstairs so Alondra can look through my clothes . Harry and I were cuddling on the couch

"Harry" I asked him

"Yes love?" 

"How am I so lucky ?" 

"I should be asking you the same thing " he said 

he put his hands on either side of my face and pulled me in for a kiss . The kiss got more heated every every second and I ended up laying on top of him. 

And Jennifer came up to me .

"hey" I said getting up of Harry . 

"Hi" she said with a broken smile

"How are you ? Like really . I mean Liam like snapped at you ." I said slowly

"Uh , i'm okay I guess . It's just that I don't know what i'll do while you guys are on.. uh ..tour " she said sadly

"You can always come with us !" I said cheerily and Harry nodded

"But I don't want to slow you guys down .." she said 

"Well , can you sing ?" Harry asked

"Uh , I don't know " She said shyly 

"Come on !" I took her arm and led her to the music room .

Before I left I whispered to Harry .

"Get Luke and everyone else to the music room in 5 . But when you get there , don't show your faces !"  and he nodded 

"Okay , do you know the song a thousand years?" I asked her 

"Yes of course " she replied 

"Cool , i'm gonna play it on the piano and you're gonna sing okay ? So step up to the mic" I flipped the record switch nonchalantly and went to the piano .

"Ready ?" I asked her

"Yeah" she replied . I heard people going downstairs so that means I have to start.

Heart beats fast 
Colors and promises 
How to be brave 
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall 
But watching you stand alone 
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow 
One step closer 

I have died everyday waiting for you 
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you 
For a thousand years 
I'll love you for a thousand more 

Time stands still 
Beauty in all she is 
I will be brave 
I will not let anything take away 
What's standing in front of me 
Every breath 
Every hour has come to this 
One step closer 

I have died everyday waiting for you 
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you 
For a thousand years 
I'll love you for a thousand more 

And all along I believed I would find you 

Time has brought your heart to me 
I have loved you for a thousand years 
I'll love you for a thousand more 

One step closer 
One step closer 

I have died everyday waiting for you 
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you 
For a thousand years 
I'll love you for a thousand more 

And all along I believed I would find you 
Time has brought your heart to me 
I have loved you for a thousand years 
I'll love you for a thousand more

Liam's POV

I heard her voice echo through the room and it makes my heart ache . I wish she was still mine . But now she has Luke . I want her to be happy .. But I want to be the one who causes the happiness.

We all stood up and started to clap

"Oh gosh , were you guys listening ?" she gushed

we all nodded our head.

Larriza strolled up and pressed the 'Stop' button on the recorder. 

*Pictures of the basement*

"So can she join Royal Damsels ?" Larriza asked

A crowd of 'yeahs' were heard

We all went back to the living room and Sinay went to Jenna's room to get ready . 


Zayn came with me to get ready . I don't know how I feel about him . I mean , I like him and all but . I don't know .

I searched Jenna's closet for anything and everything pink until my eyes landed on the most cute pink dress ever ! It is a pink mai dress that opens a bit on my side and I found some pink wedges with a gold middle strap ! I put on my Je Taime necklace and my pink earring ! I quickly waterfall braided my messy hair and turned to Zayn

"wow" is all he said 

"You like it ?" I asked him 


I laughed "i'll take that as a yes?"


"Oh gosh ! Shuush with your wows !" I yelled

"I'm sorry " he said pulling me in.

"Zayn ?" I asked

"Yes?" he said with his chin on my head

"What are we?"I asked

He took his head off my head and looked at me .

"What do you want to be ?" He asked

"Well , I don't know"

"Well , do you want to be my girlfriend?" 

How is he so calm about this

"I don't know Zayn, I mean , I don't know. " I stuttered .

"I like you . And you like me . What's there to lose" 

There's a lot that I can lose through this . My virginity , my mind, and my heart . 

"I - I guess . Yes " 

"Yes !?" He said excited 

"YES !" I said kissing him . We walked back downstairs hand in hand.

Larriza's POV

Harry came with me upstairs to "help me chose what to wear" but we all know he's only there to see me undress. 

We walked into the room and I went straight to the closet . 

I put on my black and white skater dress and fishnet leggings . I slipped on my ankle heel boots. I put on my neutral makeup and red lips. Got my cute little cat ring and slipped that on my ring finger and put on my cat earrings . I didn't know what necklace to wear though . 

"Babe?" Harry called

"Yeah ?" I asked

"Come here ." He said I walked over to him . "Close your eyes" I did . I felt something cold wrap around my neck.  "Open them" he whispered . I looked down at what he put on me and it was a paper plane necklace. 

"Harry , it's beautiful ! Thanks you " I said pecking him on the lips . 

"Anything for you" he kissed me back. 

I turned around so my back was on his front . His lips were in contact with my collarbone . He caused my to suck in a breath . He started sucking the area . Soon , he licked it then blew on it . 

A love bite. Shit.

"I want you" he said desperately

"I know baby. But I already got a hickey . That I have to cover up. Thank you very much" I said toward him

"You look pretty hot with it though" he said with his fingers brushing over it . 

"I have an interview!" I objected

He sighed 

"Maybe after okay?" and his eyes lit up . 

"Yay !" he cheered.

"Yeah , calm you and your friend down would ya ?" I kissed his lips. And then there was a knock at my door. 

Jennifer's POV

I knocked on L's door. Hopefully i'm not ruining anything . 

The door opened to Larriza and I noticed a hickey on her neck

"uh" i said pointing at it

"huh ? Oh yeah . " she turned red. 

"Oh , it's fine. But can I uh , borrow some clothes for the interview ?" i asked . 

"Yeah no problem ! Let me cover this up and i'll let you in ." She smiled . 

I waited in the hall way and Luke appeared from upstairs. 

"Hey baby " he greeted

"hi there" I smiled I stood up and hugged him . 

He lightly pecked my lips. 

"What are you waiting out here for ?" He asked me

"Oh , L is in there and i'm gonna borrow some clothes. " he nodded

The door opened L and Harry stepped out . L's Love bite was covered. 

"The room's yours !" she called before disappearing downstairs as well as Harry.

We walked in and I looked though her closet .  I found a really cute dress but she didn't have shoes to match so I went to Jenna's room and found the perfect ones ! 

I got a lilac off the shoulder dress from L and some Purple high heels from J ! I curled my purple hair and put on a star necklace with my owl one of coarse . I put on my star bracelet and earrings. I put on light purple eye shadow and nude lips. 

"You look perfect" Luke said when I turned to him

"Thank you " I said blushing.

"I'm so happy I have you " he said hugging me

"I am too Luke . I am too" i said hugging him back . 

Yeah , I was happy with him , but would I be happier with Liam ?

I went downstairs and all of us were ready. I went into Harry's car with L, Alondra, Louis, and Calum.

Harry was driving and L was in the passenger seat . I sat with Luke and Calum both next to me and Alondra and Louis in the back back.

Jenna's POV

Sinay, Zayn , Niall, Michael, Ashton, Liam and I all piled into Niall's car . Niall driving , me passenger and everyone else in the back.

We drove to the Modest! Management here in Cali. It seriously felt like hours. 

We finally got there and we got out . The other car soon came in and we all went into the building . 

"Hi Linda !" Ni greeted

"Niall baby !" she flirted I rolled my eyes. 

"We're here to see Uncle Si" he said 

I came up to him and put my arm around his waist earning a nasty look from 'Linda'

"5th floor room 7" she said coldly. 

all of us piled into the Elevator trying to be as light as possible to keep the elevator from breaking down due to the excessive weight. 

We finally got to the floor and we ran out not wanting to be trapped inside that thing. 

All of us walked down the hallway to room 7 . 

The girls were at the door and the guys were right behind us.

"Ready?" L asked

"Let's do this" I responded. She swung the door open and we all walked in . 

The girls and I walked to the little couch and sat down. And the boys stayed on the side. 

The man on the chair turned around and stood up .

"I'm Simon Cowell . Welcome , to Modest Management"



Hopefully this makes up for not updating over the weekend ! I was in Vegas :/ 

So If you guys need a cover for a new movella , comment down below and i'll make it for you !

Love y'all ! Nighttttt :)(:


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