You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



19. Trouble

Larriza's POV

When I got home , I was completely exhausted . I went upstairs to the bathroom to get ready for bed . As I was walking through the hallway , I heard J talking to someone on the phone . Her door was cracked open a bit so I came close to the door and l heard her say

"I don't know , I mean Larriza..."

"Larriza what ? " I said opening the door to reveal her surprised yet scared reaction .

She tried to change the conversation "Hi L ! How's your evening going ? " she said to me

"Cut the bull shit Jenna , What's going on . " I said cutting straight to the point

"N-Nothing" she said stuttering that's one way of her lying

"Jenna , I know you more than anyone . AND , I know your lying and when your afraid to tell me something . " I said

"What ? No you don't " She said biting her lip , 2 .

"Jenna ..." I started 

"Nothing L ! " 3 , anxiety . 

"Fine , fine . " I said with my hands up in defeat . There's something going on , and i'm gonna get to the bottom of this . "Night " I said coldly before walking to my room and slamming the door .

Jenna's POV

She knew me like the back of my hand . But I got away with it .

"Princess ? " Niall asked

"yes babe ? " I responded

"Oh , okay , you're still there . " he said

"Yep ," I said " So when are you guys coming in ? "

"Tomorrow" he said

"tom-TOMORROW ! Ah ! NIALL ! YAY !" I screamed

"SHUT-UP ! " I heard L shout next door , I rolled my eyes

"haha babe , yeah , i'm on the flight there . i'll be there tomorrow morning . " Niall said

"But we have work tomorrow morning ."

"Nothing will stop me from seeing your beauty ."awww how cute

"awwwwww Niall , you're too sweet"I said blushing 

"haha , well , you need some rest for tomorrow then princess . Goodnight Love" he said

"Alrighty , goodnight babe , I love you " 

"I Love you too Princess "

*Next morning*

*L's POV"

"Fuck" I said getting up . I pressed 'Dismiss' on my phone's alarm . I got up and took a nice hot shower . Time for another day at work . I shampooed my hair with my strawberries and cream shampoo and conditioner and lathered up my body . I got out and wrapped my hair in one of my towels and another one for my body . I got dressed up in my 'Eat a Lot . Sleep a Lot sweater /shirt ,black Jeans with an animal print belt , and I slipped on my Vans . I put my hair up into a messy bun . I went to my makeup table and did my eyes with some black eyeliner on the top lid . *(My eyes aren't blue)* and grabbed my brown over the shoulder bag . I went downstairs and ate a bowl of cereal . 

"L , do you wanna board to school ? " She asked me

"You don't have to ask me twice ! " I got up and got my bamboo long board out . 

"LET'S GO J ! " I screamed . 

She came down with her long board . 

We got outside and it was like a super perfect day . The sun wasn't all the way out and it wasn't all the way cloudy . Perfect . I started skating and taking in this perfect day . We got to the mall and Me and Jenna went out separate ways . I said hi to Alondra and got my apron on . 

The day went by slow . I looked out of the window and say a group of five boys . One with a dirty blonde quiff , one with kinda tan skin and a quiff , a guy with a kinda shaved head , and a guy with a nice butt and a small quiff . Oh , there's one more , a tall dude with really curly hair and a nice face . I nodded to myself . But then I rolled my eyes . It's probably a group of guys that think they're too good for anyone . 

I went back to the cash register when I saw the nice butt dude and curly coming . 

They walked in and I had to greet them 

"Welcome to Star-"I started

"Larriza ?! " Curly said 




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