You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



25. Stay

Harry's POV

she is being very nice to me surprisinly . I mean , i'm not mad about that , i'm just , pretty surprised. 

"Well , I don't know . I just wanted you here with me " I said

"Such a cheeky boy " She said lightly petting my cheek .

"Okay , how about you just ask me questions and then i'll ask you questions ?" I suggested

"um , okay . First , what's your weakness? What's your softspot ?

'You' I thought "Cats " I said happily "I love pussy cats " i chuckled . 

"What about you ? " I asked 

"Well , my weakness is math and getting tickled , and my soft spot is hmm. i dunno , food maybe ? "

That gave me a brilliant idea .

I put my hands up into the air as if I was going to yawn but I quickly brought them down to tickle her 

"HARRY ! " she laughed I didn't stop she fell down onto the bed laying down while I was still sitting tickling her . 

"I'm crying ! this is torture ! " she said . That didn't stop me I didn't stop . She shook her boddy which made me loose my balance to get an inch close to her face . 

"You don't need to ask me anymore of those questions L , I know a lot about you already ." I said to her in her ear 

"How ? You barely know me " she said 

"I know your weak spot .I know you can't stand it when Someone kisses you here " I said kissing her slightly below her ear causing her to moan . 

"I know , you like it when I kiss your ear " I said slightly kissing it causing another moan .

"But did you know , that you're turning me on right now just by moaning ? " I said looking into her eyes 

I hovered over her body . Our lips centimeters from touching . I looked down at her chocolate brown eyes and she looked up at my green ones . She lifted her head up making our lips touch . This feeling . I longed for it . I needed it . He hands reached up and found their way to my hair . she slightly tugged on it causing me to moan . I missed her . The feeling of fireworks and butterflies in my stomach went off . We broke the kiss and I looked at her . 


"I'm sorry if I have hurt you in the past L . I really missed you . Please , be my girlfriend ? " he asked me

I'm very confused . In the past ? hurt me ? WHAT IS GOING ON ?! But , you know what . I think I like him too . When we kissed , I felt the butterflies errupt in my stomach . Something about that kiss makes me remember something . I have no idea what though . It's on the tip of my tongue . But whatever . I look up at the curly haired boy hovering me . Instead of saying something , I put my arms around his neck and smushed out lips together . She took it surprised first but then he kissed back . We just layed there . In the spooning position . His head in the crook of my neck . That's how I wanted to stay . 

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