You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
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27. Different Perspective


As I was kissing him . I felt this feeling of happiness and butterflies in my stomach . I know this feeling . And i've only felt it once . I just don't remember . When our tongue's were dancing together I knew EXACTLY who i've had this with . 

Harry . 

I broke the kiss and held back the tears . I instinctively slapped him across the face . 

"What was that for ?!" he yelled/whispered

"I remember" I said quietly . 

I opened the door and ran in . I didn't care if they were asking what was going on ! I can't believe they didn't tell me ! How could they . I ran into my room and locked the door behind me . I slid down the door and onto the floor . They kept pounding on the door . I kept ignoring them . I slowly trudged to the bathroom and looked at the abomination in the mirror . My eyeliner and mascara ran down my face , my eyes were red and puffy , my hair was a wet , tangled mess . I was a mess . To think , I would have re-dated THE Harry styles . The guy that made my stomach flutter , my heart skip a beat , the guy that made me feel like a Queen . But also the guy who made my stomach churn , stab my heart , and the guy who cheated on me . I honestly don't know how i'm going to live with them here . 


Jenna's POV

We didn't start the movie yet . We're waiting for Harry and Larriza to get back . We played a game of twister , sang a little , Zayn got hit various times for trying to flirt with Sinay , and Louis and Alondra making out . Niall kept whispering sweet things in my ear . It was nice . L and Harry got back and we all helped get the stuff out of the trunk . I'm glad Larriza's Happy . But I just feel so guilty for not telling her what Harry did . All of us sat down except for L and Harry , they went to go get the last load . We were all Laughing when L just stormed into the house and ran straight up to her room...

Harry went inside with a red mark on his cheek and a confused look on his face . I went upto him and screamed in his face 


"I-I don't know..." he said confused 

"ugh" I said running upstairs grabbing the knob to her room and trying to turn it . And just my luck , it's locked . I keep banging and banging on the door and nothing . Harry of all people tries banging on the door too ,but it's like she's actually going to answer it . 


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