One direction And Justin Bieber Imagines <3

Imaginesss!!!! Comment and I will do one for you. I do just about anything Just give me a boy(s) and what kind!!! Or anything else you want to add (Setting, time of day, dirty/sweet ect.)


2. Mia and Justin

Sorry this one will be short but>>>>>>>>

     I had just had a really busy and long day working at Starbucks and was in the process of walking home in the 90 degree heat because I do not have a car yet. My boyfriend Justin is in some big meeting and he could benefit greatly from it. So, I started the 5 mile mostly up hill trek to my little flat that I share with my roommate Jessica. When all of the sudden a big black hummer pulled up beside me. I was pretty freaked out so I started running. When all of the sudden I heard my name being called out from a familiar voice behind me. I turned around and saw Justin. I ran to meet him and gave him a big kiss. He whispered into my ear "No meeting is more important than you my love."

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