This story is too much to explain in one paragraph, but you can still read my attempt of a summary.
16 year old Harold Matthews is a young Harry Styles look alike that lives in England and always gets the girl he wants, but not for long. After a huge fight between his parents that causes them to split up and motivates Harry's father to move himself and Harry to move to Orlando, Harry falls in love with the girl of his dreams, Jasmine. But, Jasmine has an abusive boyfriend and someone is jealous of Harry and Jasmine's relationship so they desperately try to split them up, anonymously. Wanna know more? READ TO FIND OUT YOU LAZY BUM!!!!! jk but seriously you should read this.
And btw there is some harsh language and sexual chizz that I thought I should warn you about before you start reading even though every other Movella has the same type of content. Sorry that the cover page isn't so attractive. But anyway, I hope you enjoy.


6. I Should've Been There

Michelle's P.O.V

"Hey,"I said to Harry while he opened the door to my office.

He sluggishly walked in and collapsed on the bed face first and moaned.

"Someone's a happy camper,"I said, sitting behind the computer playing a game knowing that I should be doing paperwork. But now I have an excuse to not be doing what I'm supposed to. Harry's kinda sick. As the assistant nurse I should solve the problem. Harry's emotionally sick, not physically sick. That counts right?

"What's wrong?"I asked Harry still playing my game.

"You're a nurse not a therapist. You can't help me,"Harry said making his accent muffle off of the pillow. It still sounded adorable.

"Oh, Harry. Clueless Harry,"I said smirking,"Technically, I am a therapist. I'm only a "nurse" because I do solve problems, but I solve mental and emotional problems which kinda makes me a therapist."

"It's Jasmine." My eyes widened and I paused my game. I pulled up a chair next to him and smiled. It probably looked creepy, but I didn't care.

"Did you say Jasmine?"I asked him before he flinched and sat up on the bed. He looked a little scared. The topic of Jasmine and Harry is so intriguing to me. They'd make such a cute couple. They aren't even dating yet and they're already adorable to watch when they're next to each other and it's only been half a day since Harry came.

"Tell. Me. Everything."

"Did you hear about what happened last period?"Harry asked me.

"No," I said sitting on the edge of my seat.

"I kinda told Logan off because he's been.."Harry just stopped and he was thinking, looking everywhere but at me.

"He's been abusive to Jazz and he uuuhhh...." Harry looked into my eyes and his eyes began to water,"He raped Jasmine, a couple times now." A tear fell down from Harry's extremely crystal blue eye and slowly down his right cheek. And then another, and another, until' he was sobbing. I wanted to ask to tell me more, but I think that was it and he's so innocent that it's annoying. 

When he said it aloud, it was his way of admitting it to himself and it hurt.

"It's all my fault."

Harry's P.O.V

It's all my fault. Those words kept running through my head over and over again until' I believed it. It didn't take long to believe it either. I should've been there when Jazz was getting hurt. I should've been there to tell Logan off every time that he hit Jazz. I should've been there to break Logan's neck when he broke Jazz's heart. I should've been there to pick Jazz up when Logan pushed her down. I should've been there to be her knight in shining armor, her hero, that destroys the enemy, Logan. I should've been there since the 7th grade when Logan and Jazz got together in the first place. I should've been there. I should've always been there. Why wasn't I?

"Harry you couldn't of helped her if you didn't know she existed. You couldn't of helped her when she lived in a different country," Michelle pleaded, trying to make me feel better. It worked. It made me feel better, but not a 100%. It's still my fault. I still should've been there. I should've been there no matter what. But I wasn't.

The phone rang, dragging me out of my thoughts. Michelle huffed and rolled her eyes before dragging herself over to the telly. I lied back down on my side and faced the wall and tried to go to sleep.

"Hello," Ashley said into the telly, trying to sound happy then a pause. "Yeah, no problem." Another pause. "Okay thanks.' And the click of the telly being slammed back into the holder thing.

"I suggest that you get off your ass because Jazzy's coming," Michelle said as she sat back into her chair behind the computer,"I'm gonna try to beat my high score."

I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I wiped all the tears on my face and fixed my hair then I ran back to the bed after pushing the chair that Michelle was sitting on back to where it was and sat on the bed. I took my phone out of my back pack and played Temple Run to not look suspicious. 

"Wow,' Michelle said, smirking.

"Shut up,"I said, smiling, trying to sound and look mad, but I failed miserably. 

I played a couple more rounds of Temple Run and Jazz never walked through the door. I started to get...worried.

Logan's P.O.V

"Why won't you believe me?"I whispered to Jasmine in the deserted hallways.

"It's too late to say sorry, Logan,"she said staring at the ground.

I'm such a jerk. I expect her to believe when I say sorry. It's been years and one sorry isn't gonna cut it, but I mean it. I truly mean it. I'm truly, madly, and deeply in love her, but I didn't show it. If I was her right now I'd kick me in the balls. I'd let my life affect her life. I used Jasmine as a punching bag. I took out my anger on her and it wasn't fair.

Looking at Jasmine reminds me of my parents and every time she gets mad at me it reminds me when my mom used to yell at me. Jasmine and I are kinda the same thing as my mom. When Jasmine yells at me it reminds of my mom and it makes me mad to think of her, so I hit her. After I hit Jasmine she cries and I see my mom crying. I love my mom, but I hate her sometimes. But no one wants to see their mom cry and when Jasmine cries, I see my mom crying and to see my mom crying makes me mad, so I hit Jasmine again for crying because I hit her. So I hit Jasmine again for crying because I hit her. That's ridiculous. What monster hits someone for crying after they hit that same person, causing them to cry? Me, obviously.

And this monster,me, needed some foreign exchange student, Harry, to tell me what I was doing was stupid. I needed Harry to open my mind in order for me to think about what I'm doing to Jasmine, or at least what I was. Why did I need Harry? I should've been able to figure this out by myself, but I never thought about it.

"Look into my eyes and read the honesty in them when I say that I'm extremely sorry and that I was being such a jerk,"I said before pausing long and continued right before Jasmine started to talk.

"But-"she said before I cut her off.

"And that I'll never hurt you again and that I'm truly, madly, and deeply in love with you," I finished. She  saw it. She saw the honesty. She believes me. I smiled and then she smiled. I rested my forehead on her's and we both closed our eyes. The feeling of her warm breath gave me a slight boner and she felt it on her thigh. My cheeks turned red. I could feel her smile.

"You can kiss me now."

I softly kissed her silky soft lips and as I began to pull away, she tugged me closer by my shirt. We both smiled as my lips charged against her's. I licked her bottom lip, requesting my tongue's entry. She opened her mouth a little and my tongue entered. I could feel her smile before she bit my bottom lip. I moaned as my boner grew and rubbed against her crotch. She moaned and I smiled. I grabbed her ass and she flinched. I picked her up and slammed her back against the wall.

"Ow!" she yelled before I quickly let go.

"Oh shit! Sorry,"I said, scratching the back of my head.

"No it's just the wall hit one of my bruises. Now where were we?"

I smiled as I slowly walked up to her and picked her back up, softly placing her against the brick wall.I held both of her butt cheeks and raised her higher against the wall.

"I think I was about to-"

"Go to the principal's office,"the vice principal,Mr.Toast,said as he smirked," unless I'm interrupting something.Oh wait! I don't care!"

"Shit,"I mumbled under my breath. 

"Ms. Flores get back to class!"

"I was just called to the nurse from my last class. I was on my way until' Logan stopped me," Jasmine said, surprisingly calm. Jasmine's a good student or whatever so she doesn't get in trouble much.

"Then go to the nurse!" Jasmine game me a quick kiss on the lips and walked pass the principal with her head low.

"And as for you Mr. Michaels,"he said before pausing dramatically,"Come with me." I'm used to getting in to trouble, so as usual I have to do something that'll annoy him.I snickered.

"You think that's funny?" Mr.Toast asked rhetorically. 

"That sounds cool and all Mr.Toast, but I only cum with my girlfriend,"I said in between laughs as he shook his head in disgust,"And the principal's office is this way."

"Oh," he said, walking in the direction I was pointing in.

"I was just messing you, but you believed me! You're gullible Mr.Toast,"I said as his whole face started to turn red which made me smile even more. Jasmine had her head poked around a corner down the hall. I could see her bright white smile from a mile away.She mouthed the words,"You're so bad." She shook her head and I smiled then winked at her. She ran to the nurse before Mr.Toast turned back around.Mr.Toast was silent the whole way to the office, but I was talking the whole time, just to annoy him. Oh, the joy.

Quick Author's Note

Don't judge any of the content and/or language and please excuse the language. It's only there to make the story more interesting and to add some emotion and drama. And if you don't like it, don't read anymore and pretend that you never read that. But if you  did like it, good. Keep reading, more drama, twists, and more about this weird yet exciting love triangle!



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