This story is too much to explain in one paragraph, but you can still read my attempt of a summary.
16 year old Harold Matthews is a young Harry Styles look alike that lives in England and always gets the girl he wants, but not for long. After a huge fight between his parents that causes them to split up and motivates Harry's father to move himself and Harry to move to Orlando, Harry falls in love with the girl of his dreams, Jasmine. But, Jasmine has an abusive boyfriend and someone is jealous of Harry and Jasmine's relationship so they desperately try to split them up, anonymously. Wanna know more? READ TO FIND OUT YOU LAZY BUM!!!!! jk but seriously you should read this.
And btw there is some harsh language and sexual chizz that I thought I should warn you about before you start reading even though every other Movella has the same type of content. Sorry that the cover page isn't so attractive. But anyway, I hope you enjoy.


7. Duet

Jasmine's P.O.V

"You what?"Michelle asked.

"I got back together with Logan,"I said.

"Why would you do that?"Harry asked with sorrow eyes.

"He said he would stop being abusive and that he's sorry,"I mumbled.

"Sorry doesn't cut five years, Jasmine,"Michelle said, obviously upset with my decision.

"And you can't just randomly stop doing something like that. It's a bad habit that he can't control anymore. Not at this point,"Harry said. I looked at Michelle to see if she agreed. She nodded.

"Well it's too late for me to say no now,"I said angrily.

"I thought we had something,"Harry said. He looked me straight in the eyes for a few seconds. Then he shook his head while pressing his lips together. He grabbed his back pack and quickly walked out of the room.

Harry's P.O.V

I never felt the same thing that I felt with Jazz. I always get the girl I want. Why am I not getting the one that I was made to be with? In my old school, I'm always thought of as the player or womanizer just because I was the most popular guy in school. I was always supposed to be the one night stand kind of guy, but to be honest, one night stands are pointless. Basically you get drunk to have sex with some random person. But when you wake up, you aren't really gonna remember of it. I don't even believe in sex before marriage. You can call me old fashioned, but it's called making love and if you're gonna make love you should do it with someone that you love. And if I'm ever gonna have a kid, I want to be able to say that the child's mother is someone that I love. I think that if you're willing to die for someone, you love them and you care about them. Even though I just met Jazz, I'd definitely die for her.

What do I do when I'm sad, happy, or even just bored. I write.  And when Jazz was knocked out this morning, I wrote a song called "Because of Me" that starts off about Jazz and I and then talks about Jazz and Logan's difficult relationship. Now is a perfect time to sing it. But where? I need an empty place with a stage and with a bunch of empty seats. I wander around, searching for the perfect place until' I see a sign that says Auditorium. Perfect. I open the door to a huge auditorium with a huge stage and hundreds of seats. I run up to the stage and throw my backpack on a seat in the first row.

I imagine the crowd. The quiet crowd. They're holding glow sticks softly swaying their arms back and forth to the steady bass drum beat of my song. I wait for the entrance.

I'd climb the tallest mountain

Without a hook to carry me

I'd plummet to the ground but you'll let me you'll let me 

I'd swim across the sea

In shark infested waters while I bleed while I bleed

I take all your bullets

And brush them off my feet

Still they leave a scar

and you blame it on me

But I

Can't take it no more

You pick me up just to push me down some more

So how

Is it because of me

b-b-because of me

I'm interrupted by clapping. I turn to the source which is a black lady with long, curly black hair that ends a few inches under her shoulders. She has pretty hazel eyes just like Jazz and one dimple on her right cheek. She's probably in her late 20's. 

"That's a very nice song complimented by an amazing alto voice,"she said walking up on the stage.

"Thanks, but I know, I'm not supposed to be here. I'll just leave,"I said beginning my way off stage.

"Not before I ask you a couple questions.I'm Mrs. Ryan by the way. Are you the new kid?" she asked extending her hand and politely smiling.

"Yes, I'm Harry also known as the new kid,"I said shaking her hand.

"I heard a lot about you,Harry. Was that song about Jazzy?"

"Wow. It seems like everyone knows about me already. And yes it was,"I said releasing her hand.

"Quite emotional. Do you have any others?"

"Yeah, I do."

"May I see them?"

"Yeah, they're in my back pack,"I said before jumping off stage. I turned around extending my hand to help Mrs.Ryan down the steps to discover her already next to me.I shrugged my shoulders and walked toward my back pack, Mrs. Ryan following.

"I jumped off the stage if you were wondering,"she explained as I zipped open my backpack. 

"In heels?"I asked, grabbing my composition notebook titled,"My songs by Harry Matthews".I handed her the notebook.

"I'm kind of a ninja,"she said quickly glancing at me before focusing on the book. She read through two songs than stopped. 

"I really like the one you titled 'Broken',"she said before reading the next one. She read the next one twice before she started tearing up.

"This one's perfect,"she said wiping her eyes,"Very emotional. It's a great story behind it. Has a lot of meaning in it."

"What's it called?" I asked. I couldn't seven see the page. She was hovered over it.

"Bass Drum."

"Oh. That's actually a duet. A male and a female duet actually."

"That's even better. What would you say if I asked you to join the school's choir?" she asked me.

"Sure why not,"I said shrugging my shoulders.

"What if I asked you to do Bass Drum as the grand finale and Broken?"

"Sure  as long as I have some back-ups to do melody and layers and all that other stuff."

"Really?"she asked me with wide eyes.

"Really,"I said nodding my head and smiling.

"Oh my god!"she yelled, giving me a hug.

"Can't breath,"I in between laughs.

"There's a problem,though."

"Problems are meant to be solved."

"The concert is on Thursday night,"she said biting her lip.

"This Thursday?"She shook her head yes.

"I'm gonna need a lot of hard work from the other members and maybe some after school work on Tuesday and Wednesday,"I requested.

"No problem. This is probably the most dedicated high school choir on earth. Not even exaggerating,"she said confidently. I nodded my head and smiled. 

"Well let's get started,"she said before jumping on stage.I followed.

Jasmine's P.O.V

I'm on the way to the bathroom right now. Not just to pee, but to think.I know that Harry and I would have a better relationship than Logan and I do, but I still feel a little hope for Logan. Everyone deserves a second chance, right? Yeah, even Lo-

What's that noise? That beautiful noise. I hear a soft, soothing coming from the auditorium. I open the door quietly and peak my head through. Of course it's Harry. Only he would be even more perfect and have the most beautiful voice. I'm a sucker for a guy that can sing to me. I can't do it anymore. I can't think of more reasons why Harry is perfect. Besides, I have Logan who yells at me instead of sing,hits instead of caresses, breaks instead of fix. What's the use?Harry's perfect for me and we all know it. There's no point of hiding it. Instead of thinking about him, I listen to Harry's soothing voice. So soothing that it creepily and awkwardly turns me on.

After all

The fights and pain

We never find

The time to say

I love you

We have our issues and our fights

But when we feel our hearts beatin'

We know we have no reason why

Cause our hearts sound like

Ba da ba baum x3

Like a bass drum

Ba da ba baum x3

Like a base drum

But we both know that hearts stop

oo boom oo

bass drum

One day you fell to the ground

I caught you but who knows how

I put my head against your chest

To hear your heart beat again

You whispered two words in my ear

The words I always seem to hear

Bass Drum x5

That'a the most beautiful song. If you look in to the lyrics, it's about a couple that's in love, but they can't stop fighting with each other. And when one of them died, the other one seemed to realize their love and how much they miss it. It's a great message saying that if you love someone, just love them and don't forget to express it because when they're gone you'll doubt it. Wow. I begin to tear up. I finally walk in to the auditorium to see Mrs.Ryan standing next to Harry. They still don't see me. They're so focused.

"I was thinking that during the long notes in the 3rd verse, half of the choir can do the whoa part and the other half can do the ba da ba baum in the background," Harry explained to Mrs.Ryan.

"That would sound cool,"she said writing the idea in a spiral notebook. She wasn't wrong either. That would sound great, but choir? Harry's in choir? He should be with a voice like that, but the concert is this Thursday. He better not ruin choir. It's the best thing I have.

"Oh hey,Jazz. When did you get here?" Mrs.Ryan asked me.

"A few minutes ago,"I said.

"Jazz. I'm really sorry for what I did in the nurse's office,"he said.

"It's okay, Harry,"I said,"What're you doing her though?"

"Harry here is gonna help us make this concert the best ever!"Mrs.Ryan said a little bit too excited,"Did you like that song?"

"The one that Harry was singing?"I asked.

"Yeah that one,"Mrs.Ryan said.

"Yeah it's extremely good. Who wrote it?"I asked, expecting it to be Mrs.Ryan.

"Harry did.We're using the song he just sang for the finale and another song which is his solo kinda.We're doing it right before the finale which is a duet,"Mrs.Ryan babbled.

"Who's gonna do the duet with him?"I asked.

"You,"a shocked face hit Harry and I,"Your voice would compliment his very nicely." Of course it's gonna be me. I should have known, it was really predictable. But I have been wanting a solo on stage. It would be even better to have back-up and Harry in case I mess up.

"Come on up so we can try it,"Mrs.Ryan said waving me on stage. I jumped on stage with the assistance of Harry. He directed me to stand next to him. He was holding a blue and purple composition notebook that was open to a page. It had lyrics to a song called Bass Drum. He handed me the book.

"The first verse and the first chorus is you and the second verse and the second chorus is mine,"Harry explained pointing to different parts of the song, smiling. 

I sang and it sounded like it was made just for me. The song really explains me and Logan's relationship.

"Who is singing the third verse?"I asked Harry.

"You sing the first line which is one day you fell to the ground and then I'll join you on the next line. On the last line, you sing alone and I'll do the first long note. On the second long note, everyone sings it including the choir. The next one the choir sings it alone so we can catch our breath and they get their moment so we can sing the last three together. We'll softly sing the chorus to close out the song. Got it?"he explained slowly.

"Yeah I think so,"I said looking through the song one more time.

"Ready?"Harry asked sweetly as I looked in to his eyes. In to his beautiful blue eyes.





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