in a town with its own wolf pack lives a werewolf girl who is one of the stronest werewolfs around.
when a half breed comes into town with his famly and meets her what will happen?
what happens when the pack trys to get rid of the half breed?
will the girl help him or her pack?...


1. my town


a town. that is what it looks like at first glance but i can tell you it is defiantly not just a town. it is a town full of werewolf`s. i am one of the few female werewolf`s in are pack. we are not normal werewolf`s we can shift when ever we like but on a full moon we have to shift. on the full moon every year the pack gathers in the forest to hunt as a pack. we can shift when ever we like other than that but we still have to be careful. most of the towns people know about us but cant tell any one as they know we will hunt them down if they do. 

are alpha is my brothers best friend Alex he has been trying to get me to be his mate for years now. but having a mate is not a choice for a werewolf when you find your mate it just clicks and you cant chose who your mate is but when you meet him it dos not matter who he is as long as you love him you will be happy forever or that`s what my mother used to tell me before her and my father were killed by hunters. but i mite not have a choice when the alpha of the pack picks you as his mate when you turn 20 on the night of a full moon and you don`t already have a mate then you have to say yes or you will be cast out of the pack.

i used to have two brothers but one went missing during his year of the silver howl. what is that you may ask well that is the time when you reach 18 you transform into a wolf and live in the forest on your own for a year to prove that you are a worthy member of the pack. 

i hate it in this town but a year ago when Alex became alpha and he herd about my brother going missing he said that he was a cowered and ran away. then he made a pack rule that no pack member was to leave the town unless he had allowed us to.

i am Jamie Silver Luna and i am 19 years old i have passed my year of the silver howl and become a fully fledged member of the pack. i am tall, strong and tanned like the other wolfs. i have one green eye and one blue eye but i wear blue contacts to cover that up. i have waist long curly pitch black hair. my brother Charlie Claw Luna is 20 and beta to the silver howl wolf pack (second in command). i live with my hole pack in the forest house were i spend most of my time. when i shift i am a pitch black wolf the size of a horse and one of the strongest pack members.

this is my town and i am a werewolf beware i mite just eat you if something else dose not eat you first you have been warned...

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