Until Then

Brooke Winters has the perfect life - two understanding parents, and her crazy best friend. When school ends and Tori invites her to stay in Florida with her aunt for the summer, she couldn't resist saying no. Leaving her parents behind, she travels with Tori.

Arriving, Brooke learns that the annoying Liam Payne happens to be staying next door. Their summer is full of hate, annoyance, some fun, and maybe love? But when summer ends and its time for them to head back, can she bear to leave Liam?


3. 3

“If you say it one more time-“Tori warned.


“What, it’s not like I’m not saying the truth.”


“You know, it is true. The sign said two dollars for a double cone.” Liam spoke.


“Urg, I don’t care.”


I snickered at her. “Tori-“


“Brooklyn Grace Winters. You do not want to see me get angry.” Tori snapped, whipping around. Liam snickered, which made Tori go insane.


“You too mister.” She snapped at him. Once I saw Liam’s face go red, I started giggling.


“Brooke.” I stopped and turned around, secretly laughing.




“What in the world is going on in here?” Jenna asked stepping into the living room.


“Urm,” I coughed from the uncomfortable position.


“Victoria Jane Anders, let both of them down right this instant.” Jenna scolded. So, why don’t I give you a flashback.



“Come here,” Tori said grabbing my wrist. “You too,” she said to Liam. She pinned us to the wall, “You better not move.” She glared, and went upstairs. I didn’t move an inch because Tori was being not funny at the moment. She came down with a pair of scissors and a long rope- and I mean looong.


“Uhm,” I was afraid of asking her. She glared at me; which made me shut my mouth. The next thing I know, I was upside down, staring directly at the wooden floor. “Uh Liam?”


“Yeah?” He was  next to me, tied upside down as well. “Nothing.”


“Tori.” I called.


“Yes Brooke.” Two pairs of sandals came into view.


“Do you know what I want to do right now.”


“What is it Brooke.”


“Kill you!” I roared, struggling to get free.




Okay well, it didn’t seem as bad as I had experienced it, but it was still bad!


I charged towards Tori as soon as she let Liam and me down, but fuck that kid. He pulled me back and kept me behind him.


“Liam!” I roared. He looked scared and panicked for a second. “Ugh,” I groaned. His face looked like a cute little puppy. Awww- wait stop Brooke. Stop. You hate him.


“Why don’t you kids go to the golf club? Miniature golf is available tonight. Brooklyn honey, you like miniature golf as I recall.”


“That was when I was nine Aunt Jenna.” I stated.


“Really, was it now.”


“Yes.” Tori replied rolling her eyes.


“What about you Liam?”


“I’m not uh a big fan of golf Ma’am.” He said politely.


“Oh please, stop being so polite.” I looked at him. He gave me a look that said, “Would you stop that.” Would you Brooke? No.


“Well, why don’t you kids just go then. Enjoy the night out.”


“Well … Okay Jenna.” I smiled at her.


“Brooklyn darling you’re so polite.” Jenna smiled kindly, pushing a lock of hair behind my ear.


“Oh please.” Liam snickered.


I scoffed, “whatever.” And left to get changed.




Wow, this was a long chapter. More to come next!

~ Jen x

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