Hello my name is Alexandra but they call me Alex... So I've finished high school, I and my best friend Sophie decided to move to London... Well let me tell you about my self i'm 16 years old so IS Sophie, we are from New York when we finished high school and we moved to London with so we can take a break and try to let our dreams come true we work at a restaurant called Nandos and we are huge huge directioners... Well to be honest we chose London cause One Direction goes there mostly so we though maybe we will have a chance to meet them but we know it will never happen maybe?
And ,maybe something will happen bad for Alex?


11. Hhhhh....

Louis's P.O.V:

When we finished breakfast, I sat with the boys, I saw Sophie was doing

the dishes alone I mean I have to help her. At first she didn't let me but I did. I really like her as a sister. Oh yeah I need to tell her that

tomorrow i'm going out with Eleanor. "Soph I'm going out with Eleanor

tomorrow. I'll be going from 7:30am till 1:30pm. ok? " "Ok have fun."

When she sad the have fun thingy it was a sad sound. "Ok thanks" Than

Liam comes and says "Hey guys when are we going to the pool?"

"Tomorrow I'm busy with Eleanor so maybe after tomorrow" "Sounds



Sophie's P.O.V:

When Louis sad he is going out tomorrow with Eleanor I got angry,

mad, and sad oh my god I'm annoyed how come no no this can't be

happening I need to tell Alex she'll help me.


Alex's P.O.V:

"Harry, you know that your Harry Styles from One Direction and the

fans still they don't know that your mine and i'm yours, to be honest

i'm scared that the fans will hate you or hate me because of me."

"I don't care what they think, the real directioners won't hate, I love

you and that's all, Today it Tuesday right? " "Yea" "Well on Friday I 

and the boys have interview, and they'll ask us who's single I wont

raise my hand. You and Sophie can come you'll wait us back stage

i'll tell them that I have the best girl in the world her name is Alex"

I blushed and looked at him "I love you so much, now lets go before

they get mad at us." "Hahahaha" we laughed and got back home.


****At home*****

We were all together I and Harry was sitting in one sofa, Niall, Zayn

are sitting on the floor, Liam is by his self , and Louis is sitting with

Soph hhahahaha I just feel most of the time they seat together.

"We decided that we're going to the pool after tomorrow" Zayn sad

"That's a nice idea" Harry sad and looked at me. "Soooo what do

you guys want to do?" " Let's watch tv I think there's a nice movie."

Niall turned on the tv and  "Home Alone"  Now it started. Wow I love

this movie.



Sophie's P.O.V:

Come on I need to tell Alex but the problem is they are still talking

Niall sad that there's a nice movie we should watch and there it

is "Home Alone" my favorite it just started but I have to tell Alex now

it's the right time. "Alex can you go to the kitchen for a second I need

to talk to you" "Yeaa sure" Ok there it goes.




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