Missing Love

Cassady gets abused by her father, she runs away, Niall saves her, they fall in love.. then something tragic happens.


4. meeting One direction

I kept quiet knowing the 5 boys were still close. My ankle was still killing me. 'good they're gone!' I said to myself but I spoke to soon. ' exuse me miss are you ok?' I looked down and said 'yes I'm just... Uhhh.... Resting'
They didn't seem convinced but I kept my head down so they couldn't see the blood but it was no use they saw the blood stained clothes. 'miss, please stand up so we can see your face and your beautiful appearance'
I shook to tell them no but before I knew it I was being lifted up off of the ground and one of the boys stood me up but I just fell back down screaming in agony. I looked up at the 5 gorgeous boys. I looked at the first boy in the line , he had brown hair, and a smart look, his voice was very calm and he didn't seen that bad. The second boy had black hair that looked like he spent ages on it, he was wearing a jacket and dark blue jeans. The third boy had curly, brown hair and wore a black blazor and jeans and had a very strong husky voice. The fourth boy had brown hair and wore a stripey shirt along with some torn jeans, his voice was higher than the others and had blue eyes. Now the final boy had blonde hair that was a bit messy but so gorgeous, he wore a green jacket with some slightly ripped jeans, he had white high tops and his eyes were a light blue that sent me into a haze.

The boys gasped as I looked up at them, then realised.... The blood.

They all bent down so they were level with me and the blonde one asked 'What happened? Are you alright?'. Oh you could so tell he was Irish. It was well cute.
'Im fine its just.... Guh it's a long story.' I sighed trying not to make eye contact.
The curly one spoke 'we've got time.'
I sighed and and asked 'can I at least know your names please and a bit about you?'
'I'm Liam'
'Im Zayn '
' I'm harry'
' I'm Louis '
As I shook hands with them as I went along the line a came across a pair of amazing blue eyes that locked instantly with mine.
' And I'm Niall'
' Hi I'm Cassady Jones'

I told them every thing from being abused to breaking my ankle a few moments ago.

Niall whispered something to Zayn and Liam who then stood up and grabbed hold of my arms and lifted me of the ground so I was standing on my good foot.
'What on earth....'
Before I knew it Niall was holding me bridal style, I didn't move though, i felt so dizzy. My eyes were getting heavy and before i knew it my head was buried in Nialls chest.

Hi guys hope you're enjoying this thanks guys!!

Cassady <3

Hay guys thanx for reading need Ideas for them if i like them i will use them and include them in the story AND give the lucky person a shout out just write them in the comment box.Cassady ♥

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